Paris Eternal Has Renewed the Contracts of Six Players

All teams are currently preparing for the upcoming 2020 Overwatch League season. Some of them are changing their roster, while others are simply moving ahead with their existing one. Paris Eternal happens to be one of those who have decided to enter the next season with most of their previous lineup. This news will come as a relief to some fans who wanted to see the old lineup play again for their favorite team. Contracts Renewed Paris Eternal has decided to renew the contracts of six players from their previous players. These include DPS players Terence “Soon” Tarlier and Nicolas…

by Dotagang
November 5, 2019

NineK is Paris Eternal’s Newest Coach

Paris Eternal are one of those teams that are making massive changes to their staff recently. For those who don't know, they are actually preparing for the upcoming Overwatch League 2020 Season. And now, the Eternal have decided to give the position of their coach to someone else. New Coach Recently, Paris Eternal announced that they have decided to hire Kim "NineK" Beom-hoon as their new coach for the 2020 Season. NineK is the very guy who was once the assistant coach for the San Francisco Shock. And now, the latter is going to serve as the new coach of…

by Dotagang
October 20, 2019