Possible Replacements For Ana In OG

With the victory of TI8, OG has finally entered the history books of Dota 2. However, we did not see them during the new season, as soon after the announcement was made that they would take a short break to return to their strengths. After announcing their participation in the Chongqing Major qualifiers, we could see the OG on the list, so it seems everyone was ready to re-enter the race. Except for one man  Anathan "ana" Pham, the team's midlaner announced his retirement for the second time. Last year, on August 17, he also stepped back, although he was…

by Dotagang
November 26, 2018

OG Are The Champions Of The International 2018

After 10 days of the biggest Dota 2 event of the year, we have a new winner. On the last day of the competition, we watched two series. OG was waiting for the winner of the EG and PSG.LGD. After a great series win, the Chinese team made it to the big grand final. Let's have a look at how the action unfolded. Game one LGD had a good start in the first match of the big final. However, the 7,000 gold lead at one point was not enough to finish the game. Ana on Spectre managed to collect the…

by Dotagang
August 27, 2018