This Could Be Dendi’s Ideal Team

The end of a long era has arrived, something that seemed almost impossible but is already a reality, Danil Ishutin, better known as "Dendi" in the community of Dota 2 leaves Natus Vincere, an organization in which he was a symbol of greatness for 8 years and with which he won the first edition of The International and was runner-up in two more. At the beginning of Valve's MOBA, the Ukrainian player was considered one of the best mid laners of the competitive scene. This was demonstrated for years in Navi, one of the most important organizations in Dota 2.…

by Dotagang
September 15, 2018

Farewell To The Legend of Competitive Dota 2 Dendi

After eight years Danil "Dendi" Ishutin has parted ways with one of the oldest Dota 2 teams. What has been rumored to date is no longer a secret. Na'Vi officially announced that Dendi will not be part of their 2018-2019 roster. Four of the players from the lineup that played in the TI 8 qualifiers, Dendi, General and LiL are no longer part of the new Na'Vi 2018-2019 team. The journey of Dendi Danil " Dendi " Ishutin has been with the team since Dota 2's release. His name is almost united with Na'Vi, but now for the first time…

by Dotagang
September 3, 2018