No TSM In LoL World Championship For The First Time

In addition to not having the participation of three-time world champion SK Telecom T1, the 2018 World Cup of League of Legends also will not have the presence of veteran TSM, who participated in all editions of the tournament until 2017. After losing to Cloud9 by 3 to 0 in the regional finals of the North American league, TSM could not secrete a place in the Worlds. It was supposed to be a spectacular, even match. Both teams had a passion for victory from the very beginning. And although bo5 ended with a 3-0 result for C9, there was no…

by Dotagang
September 19, 2018

Team Liquid Are Your NA LCS Champions

Whether in LCS NA (North America), LCS EU (Europe) or LCK (South Korea), the regular seasons have ended and crowned champions will go straight to the World Championships in South Korea. To clarify, there are two different ways to get to the worlds: the best is to win a major regional league, in which case the team qualifies straight for the World Championship groups. All the other teams will have to go through an additional tournament before reaching the group stage: the Play-In, where the teams of the major regions who are qualified by the points (accumulated over the whole…

by Dotagang
September 11, 2018