Phase I group stage of WESG 2017 has come to an end, shedding light on which 16 teams have made the cut, and which ones didn’t. 

Although the $1,500,000 prize event started quietly in the background yesterday, half the teams have already bid farewell to their chances of claiming a piece of the pie. The first group of teams to be eliminated will go home empty-handed, including some of the tournament favorites.

Team Sweden —featuring three of the current Alliance members —Jonathan “Loda” Berg, Micke “miCKe” Nguyen, Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi as well as former member Joakim “Akke” Akterhall ended with a dismal 0:3 record. Team Romania —which boasted players such as Aliwi “w33” Omar, Mihai “canceL^^” Antonio and Pittner “bOne7” Armand were knocked out by the Brazilian team, PaiN Gaming in their last matchup. The WehSing “SingSing” Yuen and Alaan “SexyBamboe” Faraj stack suffered the same fate as Team Netherlands dropped their matches against EHOME and Nice One (a team from Kazakhstan).

On the bright side, 5 Anchors, the full Finish squad went 3:0 in their group, as did Nice One, Keen Gamingand Rock.Y, a team from China. The Greeks, comprised of mostly ex-Mousesports players and SG esportsboth went undefeated 2:0 in their groups, receiving the lucky break of having one less team each to battle due to Team Ukraine and Eximious Esports from Pakistan being unable to obtain their visas on time.

Group C was the only team that ended in a three-way tie, with Team Levithan, Slice n’ Dice and Ultima Thule having a 2:1 record. At this time the tie-breaker rules are not clearly stated and there is some question as to which two teams will advance in the end although it seems Team Leviathan made the cut.

WESG 2017 Phase II Group Stage:

16 players/teams divided into 4 competing groups
All matches are two-game series
The top 2 teams from each group advance to the playoffs

Tomorrow, March 15th the event will continue with the Phase II with Group A and B being played out in its entirety. Groups C and D will be completed on Friday, March 16th.


Source: Gosugamers