Félix “xQc” Lengyel is back in the Overwatch competition . After nearly eight months without playing professionally, the player signed with Gladiators Legion, a Los Angeles Gladiators secondary team, who is in Overwatch League Season 2. He, however, has caused controversy in the community: xQc is famous for its toxic behavior and has received several punishments and bans.

Toxic behavior in Overwatch and its alloy

Blizzard defines toxic behavior as any conduct whose goal is to impair the gaming experience of other users. This includes cases of harassment, harassment, abusive behavior or “trolling” to disrupt the gameplay of other players, such as generating inactivity and disconnection. If a player commits any of these actions, he may suffer a temporary or permanent ban.

In its code of conduct, the Overwatch League urges all players to behave in a spirit of integrity and sportsmanship. This includes avoiding scandal and offensive situations, and actions that can generally generate bad publicity for the player, the team, OWL, and the Blizzard Group.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel and his toxic posture

Despite Blizzard and OWL rules, xQc was inducted into the Gladiators Legion team to play during Season 2 of the tournament. The pro player has already been involved in several scandals of toxicity in which he was the protagonist.

One of the cases happened in OWL itself, in Season 1, when xQc was playing for Dallas Fuel. After his team lost to Houston Outlaws 4-0, the pro player fired homophobic comments to Austin “Muma” Wilmot, an opponent’s player. At the time, xQc received a series of penalties from Dallas Fuel: first, he was suspended from the game of the week. He was then suspended for four more matches and fined $ 2,000. A few days later, the team decided to put the player on the bench until the end of Phase 1 of the tournament. Finally, xQc was fired.

xQc also made offensive comments to the Overwatch League broadcast team. During Phase 2 of the competition, in their social networks and stream the player said that the comments of the casters “made him have cancer”. In another case, xQc used the “Trihard” emote in a racist fashion chatting in one of the OWL games when host Malik Forté was in the broadcast. The emote is inspired by the streamer Mychal “Trihex” Jefferson, which is black as well as Forté. As a result, the player was again suspended for four games and fined $ 4,000.

The Toxic Behavior in Overwatch Games

In August of last year xQc again returned to lead a controversy. During transmission on Twitch, the player learned that his account was suspended after being reported by several players, as xQc would have used abusive language within the game. As a result, the player received a 15-day ban, and went very close to being out of the 2018 World Cup of Overwatch, where the Canadian national team finished third. Previously, xQc had been given a 72 hour ban for abusing the Overwatch reporting system.