VGJ.Thunder swept through Evil Geniuses 3:0 in an impressive and thrilling Grand Finals at Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds.

VGJ.Thunder were determined to rewrite their history against the North Americans after being sent to the lower bracket finals yesterday in a devastating 2:0 sweep – but first they had to pull off a victory in the brutal and unforgiving best-of-one lower bracket series for their shot.

The day started out with the makeshift OG roster taking on the hometown heroes in the first elimination matchup. Sébastien ” 7ckngMad” Debs’ Lycan was a force to be reckoned with and sent TnC packing earlier than the SEA team and fans had hoped. Immediately after, another Lycan pick – this time for Team Spiritmassively outplayed paiN Gaming as the tournament edged on.

In a shocking 23 minute upset, Team Spirit upset OG with flawless games by Igor “iLTW” Filatov and Alexander “DkPhobos” Kucheria and a stunning performance by  Ilya “Illidan” Pivcaev. With the CIS based team’s hopes riding high, they entered into combat against VGJ.Thunder for the final test before the grand finals.

Unfortunately for Team Spirit, the end of Galaxy Battles II road was met by a completely overwhelming victory for the Chinese team. VGJ.Thunder had succeeded in obtaining a final chance to exact their revenge on Evil Geniuses.

Standout performances by Liu “Kamma” Chang is and Zhou “Yang” Haiyang with flawless first games and continued excellence through the series would show incredible strength and growth in talent and skill. In a swift first game, lasting less than 30 minutes, VGJ.Thunder made their mark on the grand finals and proved to EG they were not messing around. The second game of the series was absolutely thrilling, with incredible swings back and forth right to the last nail biting moment of the 73 minute match. In the end, the Chinese team had pulled out the victory and were all but ready to claim their trophy. The ultimately final game seemed to belong to Evil Geniuses through the first half but after suffering a team wipeout around minute 36, the tides turned and VGJ.Thunder rolled to victory and the championship title.

Galaxy Battles II Prize Distribution

1st place: $200,000 VGJ.Thunder
2nd place: $85,000 Evil Geniuses
3rd place: $60,000 Team Spirit
4th place: $45,000 OG
5-6th place: $35,000 TNC/ paiN Gaming
7-8th place: $20,000 Infamous/ PG.Barracx