The new patch 1.09 for Valorant brings a lot of new changes into the game. Riot has replied to a lot of talks about the one-hit-kill Rifle in the new patch. A lot of adjustments are brought into the new patch for the Rifle (which stands for Counter-Strike’s AWP). The changes are made and an explanation is provided about the difference in the new update. 

The nerf

The new patch has made many changes to the very famous one-shot-kill Rifle in Valorant. The weapon is now more expensive than before. The new price for the Rifle is $5,000 from the previous $4,500. The leg damage for the gun is now less which means it might not kill instantly if you aim for the leg. The fire rate is also not like before which means you cannot expect the Rifle to load and fire for you instantly. In other words, the fire rate is less than before. The movement is also a little slower while scoping. The gun now becomes inaccurate earlier after moving and consumes more time to become accurate after standing a position. The new patch also adds an inaccuracy in all the guns after jumping. 

The Explanations

Riot provides explanations on the new patch changes. First of all, the organization talks about the price change of the weapon. The changes are due to Riot noting that some players managed to purchase the Operator and full armor in just round three. This early advantage provides an upper hand in the next rounds which makes it totally unfair. The company says that the new price delays the appearance of the Operator in the game and balances the game more than ever. 

Moreover, the changes in its functionality are also explained in the new update. The dry peeking with an Operator is highly effective. Similarly, pushing an Operator off-angle provides no such advantage as a user can easily re-peek and kill the opponent. The fire-rate is high enough that a miss-shot may not matter too much. However, the new changes make the weapon quite balanced. The Operator is still very dangerous and highly potent at peeking angles, but predictable peekings should be punished. 

Balanced Changes

Throughout, the community thinks that the new changes are well deserved. However, the new patch is still not old enough to witness whether the new changes are well received or not. Nerfing the Op might change the gameplay totally. Time will tell about this step whether Riot took the right decision or not. Right now, the community and the analysts are positive about the new changes as a lot of discussions and talking called out this kind of change in a single weapon. This new Op will definitely lose its popularity but it is still unknown how players might make it useful in another way.

The new update also brings multiple changes to the other aspects of the game as well. Another Viper buff is quite considerable into the game.