Riot Games recently announced that the company will organize The Strike Arabia tournament for the MENA region of the game. The tournament will begin in November and multiple professional teams will participate. The organization divides the tournament into two stages from November 1st to November 25th. The main sponsor of the event is Logitech and also becomes the peripheral partner of the series. It is big news for the Middle East-North African players of Valorant.

Sub-Regional Events

The tournament will accompany three sub-regional tournaments in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries. These countries are Egypt, North Africa, and the Levant. The teams to finish in the top three of each series will further qualify for the main event of the First Strike MENA. The main event will start on December 3 and a champion will stand out on December 6th.

Countries to Participate

There are several countries from the MENA region participating in the tournament. Multiple teams from Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia will participate in an epic battle in the GCC series. However, several teams from Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria will participate in the North African series. Similarly, teams from Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt will get into business from the Levant’s event. These sub-regional tournaments will also include a prize pool for each team participating. A prize pool of USD 10,000 will stand for each of these tournaments. 

Riot Games Stance

Riot Games is happy to launch the first-ever tournament series in the MENA region of the game. The PR Manager at Riot Games for the MENA region, Luciano Rahal, says that the organization is excited to launch the first-ever series for the region. This tournament will provide a stage to the MENA players to represent their skills for Valorant and can be recognized on the competitive stage of the game. Moreover, the Manager also says that since the birth of Valorant, there is a huge number of players playing for the MENA region. Therefore, the organization expects a huge turn-out for these tournaments.

Riot also installed the Arabian servers recently. To provide better game quality and in-game ping, Riot Games is doing its most for the MENA players.

Where to watch the Tournaments

The sub-regional tournaments will be live on multiple platforms and fans can easily watch them live. The double qualifiers of the event will be streamed on YouTube, Arabia Facebook, and Pull Out Channels. Fans can watch all their favorite matches live on these platforms.

Riot Games also announced that the organization will install special servers for the Middle East region of the game. The company will also provide Arabic language support for the players in the game. The regional tournaments will crown the best teams from each region and the champions will further proceed towards the main stage. Fans are highly excited to witness the biggest battles in their region for the first time ever. With such a huge audience, the MENA region is going to become a significant place for the Valorant professional scene.