A Valorant player found cheating during a $2000 event. The player is now banned from the tournament and the game. The organization sets strict rules for the cheaters. Therefore, the player received a ban immediately from the tournament. 

TGS Signature Series

In the TGS Signature Series, a Valorant professional player, Ryut found cheating during the international match. During the past weekend, Ryut from the team Tokyo used some kind of aim hack in the tournament. There can be multiple accusations about the aim hack for a player. A player can simply deny them all by saying that his aim is really good. However, in this case, Ryut lacked the chance of denying. 

Ryut was found guilty when he entered the battle in Haven. Near the double doors on Haven, Ryut turned and instantly locked at the head of the opponent. The opponent appeared on the other side of the door. He left no physical chances for Ryut to see him. However, Ryut locked his aim directly to the opponent’s head. This became obvious when it occurred really fast.  arap pornoZ sikisxxx.net

Tokyo’s Run at TGS

Tokyo performed really well during the TGS Signature Series. The team entered the quarterfinals of the competition with the wild form. However, it lost 2-0 to Vancouver Elated in the quarterfinals. Ryut was found guilty during the quarterfinal match of the tournament. There are possibilities that he might be cheating for the whole tournament. The tournament distributed the prize pool among the top four teams only. 

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Ryut’s Reaction

Ryut escaped the scene immediately and received a ban from the community. He removed all his social media accounts to skip from the scene. The player still hasn’t commented on the accusations. However, someone who reported his cheating revealed that Valorant banned Ryut from the scene. 


The Valorant cheat detector Vanguard works as a charm to detect cheaters in the game. However, in this case, Vanguard didn’t work. This shows that Vanguard is good but not perfect. It is not reliable to catch a new hack immediately and most importantly the self-written hacks. The custom cheats are hard to catch and for a system like Vanguard, it is difficult to detect it soon.

According to the clip that is circulating the internet, it is pretty obvious that a player from Riot Games reported about the hack manually. We can predict that Vanguard failed to report this kind of hack. Riot Games focus on hardware bans the most. For example, if Ryut received a ban from Riot Games. He will have to buy a new PC to come back to Valorant. 

The Winners

Big Pizza became the champions of the TGS Signature Series. The team sealed a victory over Mamba Mode in the grand finals. Besides the cheating, the tournament went through successfully. There will arise a lot of other cases like this. The new Valorant scene is growing very fastly and a lot of players join. Hopefully, Riot Games will look after these events properly.