Out of all the rifles in Valorant, The Phantom is one of the Rifles which costs 2,900 creds, and keeping that in mind, it has its drawbacks as well. So you should prefer it over The Vandal for many reasons. Here we have a full breakdown of almost everything you need to know about the weapon.

In case you’re playing the long-range fight in Valorant and need more adaptability than any Sniper can bear, Rifles are the weapon for you. Of each of the 17 weapons, there are just four rifles, two of which can be shot full-auto while pointing down the sights. 

Being the best weapon of the game you can just click heads and expect quick murders with the Phantom. Here’s an inside and out overview on everything about how you can ace the Phantom.

The Phantom

There are four Rifle-type weapons in Valorant and Phantom is one of them. An incredible and quick shooting weapon that is ideal for any mid to long-extend engagements costs 2,900 creds. 

Whether playing passively at a Spike-site of when on an aggressive assault round, It tends to be a compelling device. At precisely the same cost as the Vandal, this Rifle offers increasingly controllable backlash at the expense of harm dropoff.

Damage statistics

As one of the most impressive weapons in the game, the Phantom can quickly deal with the enemy. Despite the fact that there is an extraordinary difference between headshot harm and ordinary body harm. Phantom will manage 140 harm with each basic tap to the dome when engaged in the mid-range. And if compared, just 35 harm will experience for shots that hit the body.

There’s likewise an impressive decrease in harm as you escape from your targets. It’s very worth remembering that 156 headshot harm very close, cannot be the same from a far-off place. Dissimilar to the Vandal which includes no harm drop off.

There are 30 rounds in every magazine and the weapon has a strong fire rate i.e. 11 bullets for each second. With the Phantom’s Alt, the fire rate will plunge to just 9.9 bullets for each second just as you point down the sights. Aiming is pretty advantageous in case you’re topping at a long-range, however, you must first search for primary fire kills where conceivable.

Fire pattern

The Phantom has some quite outrageous payoff when firing in long blasts. The weapon will rise, right after the first shot fired. Your aim will keep on lifting until around one second into the spray. Then that Rifle will start to plunge from left to right repeatedly. 

Bullets will fire significantly over the position of your aim with the Phantom. Thus, you’ll have to bring down your mouse definitely as you keep on firing. Muscle memory will assume a colossal job here as you develop acquainted with the weapon. 

Promptly after firing the first bullet, attempt to float your mouse down somewhat in a state of harmony with the Phantom’s kickback. When you’re firing at fullest, it’s regularly perfect to stop your fire and reset the spray pattern on a whole. Short, controlled firing will assist you with picking your targets more, not drawn out, and unchecked firing sprays.

Perfect time to buy Phantom

At 2,900 Creds, the Phantom absolutely isn’t the least expensive weapon in Valorant. In any case, it’s estimated this high since it packs a serious punch. You shouldn’t mean to full-purchase and pack yourself out with this Rifle in the second round. Saving your Creds until you can serenely bear the cost of the loadout is a much better and powerful approach in the longer play. 

The weapon shouldn’t come to the detriment of armor or other defensive abilities. In case you’re uncertain you’ll have the option to purchase the Phantom numerous rounds straight, adhere to a less expensive option until your economy blooms. When you’re profound into a match with a large number of Creds available to you, that is the point at which you can serenely bear to full-purchase and run with a Phantom.

Best agent for Phantom

Holding mid to long-range sightlines with Sentinel or Controller Agents can support the Phantom. In case you’re holding down different chokepoints as Cipher or Brimstone, for example, a speedy look out of your camera or a glance through your smoke could swing around. A couple of fast taps of the Phantom and you can securely return to your protective position.  

 As a Rifle, the Phantom fits well with basically every Agent in the game, be that as it may. Regardless of whether you’re playing moderate or on the flank, it will be a dependable weapon for the game.

The tactics

One of the significant upsides of picking the Phantom over the Vandal is exactly how calm the weapon is. Flanking with this Rifle gives you the opportunity to discover a pick and afterward rush to another area. All without a lot of dread of parting with your position with gunfire that can be heard cross-map. 

Attempt to pick your engagements, center around keeping up controlled bursts of fire, instead of holding down the trigger. Likewise, make sure to point towards the upper-chest and control the float of your mouse as its shower design kicks in. 

On the off chance that you take the entirety of this data with you into your next games, you’ll have an obviously better comprehension of when and how to utilize the Phantom.