Valorant is spreading its wings everywhere in the world. The new game lacked servers in Asian and Middle-Eastern regions. However, Riot Games have announced to launch the servers in the Indian and Middle Eastern regions. The company has promised to launch these servers by the end of 2020.

Director’s Comment

There are tons of posts available on Reddit, related to the server issues of Valorant. The Middle Eastern Valorant fan ‘Satanicxsah’ posted about the server issues in his region. Valorant’s tech Director ZealousApathy commented on his post to reveal the new server news. He said that by the end of the year 2020, both India and the Middle East will get their own servers. He said that we are up to install servers in Mumbai and Bahrain for Valorant fans separately. Soon we will be announcing the actual dates for the installation as well. 

Riot Games Webinar 

The biggest Riot Games event for India occurred on 21st July 2020. Very less news about the Indian Valorant servers came out after the Paytm First games x Riot Games webinar. Multiple important personalities presented their ideas about having an Indian Valorant server. During the event, the Riot Games’ Head of Publishing in South Asia and India, Sukamal Pegu, shared his insights about how important it is to have a separate Indian Valorant server. The region is too big to have a unique server. 

The basic purpose to provide servers to these regions is to uplift the national talent to international levels. According to Pegu, the main goal of Riot Games is to develop an ‘ecosystem’ in regions like India, Middle East, and South Asia. Developing this system will provide a platform to the grassroots level. Eventually, these servers will help in promoting national talent to international levels. 

After the Webinar

A lot of statements are coming out related to the Indian Valorant server. After the Webinar for Valorant ended, the tech director of Valorant, ZealousApathy has confirmed the news about the new servers in the Indian region. The news comes as a surprise to the Indian fans as the players have been playing the game on high pings. Riot Games said that the servers are really important for the fans as the Indian gamers are slaving away with a 110+ ping. This ping is impossible for international tournaments to occur and a lot of talent will be pressed.

What happens next?

Valorant has promised to install unique servers for the Middle East and Indian regions. A lot of professionals from Riot Games confirmed this news via comments and press conferences. The company will install the solo servers at the end of the year 2020. The date is still unknown, but the company says that they will disclose it very soon. Riot Games look forward to a positive journey in India as a lot of fresh talent will come up if the game succeeds in providing ping around 30.