Riot Games released the new patch 1.11 in the game, earlier this week. However, the company rolled back the update as the patch caused lots of troubles in the game. The organization named the new patch as ‘Technical Nightmare’. An official announcement by Riot said that the company will release the patch again once the developers find the bug and fix it. 

The update and the new Agent

As Riot rolled back the update due to some technical issues in it, the players who already made progress on them will remain in their accounts. However, Riot restricts the players to make any further progress into the new patch. The players would not be able to make any additional progress with the same agent until the re-release of the new Valorant act 3. As the new patch comes out again, the players can continue from where they left.

Another big news came out in the new patch of Valorant. A new agent Skye is introduced in the game with multiple other updates. Riot says that the new update mainly focused on releasing the new agent in the game. However, there are several agent buffs and nerfs as well. There are balance changes to Breach, Killjoy, and Cypher. A new map, Icebox is also available for the players to enjoy in the competitive scene of the game. Similarly, a new left-handed option is available in the game which will help the players to switch to any side they want. 

Patch 1.11 Notes

The new patch in the game brings a lot of changes in the case of agents, bugs, and competitive modes. Here are some of the patch notes for the latest update in Valorant.

Agents Updates

With the release of the new patch, a new agent Skye joins the scene. The agent will also be available in the First Strike tournament after the release. Along with the new agent, Breach’s full flash time now goes from 1.75 to 2. Cypher’s Trapwire now reveals upon death. Similarly, there are several changes in Killjoy as well. 

Competitive Updates

The new patch also includes some competitive updates in the game. Icebox now enters the competitive map rotation of the game. It will also be available in the official esports tournaments for use. The new patch also brings short queue times for matches for the highest-ranked players. The combat score is also fixed in the new patch of the game. 

Bug Fixes

The new patch now fixes the one source of combat hitches that the players reported earlier. Jett cannot rope dash anymore. The patch also removes the issue of incoming invites remaining active in the Social Panel. Players can no longer see the spike location while reconnecting to the game. The patch also removed the collisions caused by players’ corpses. 

With the new patch 1.11 coming out in Valorant, fans are happy with the game. A new agent comes out as Riot promised the fans earlier. Let’s see what the remodel of the update brings.