International sports television channel, ESPN, is coming back to the Philippines in a new partnership with local channel TV 5. The Sports 5 channel will be rebranded into ESPN 5 in light of this joint venture.

The new ESPN 5 channel will feature added content from international sports such as American Football and Hockey. However, given TV 5’s consistent presence in local esports, local fans can expect to watch their favorite competitive video games live on TV soon.


The new broadcast lineup from ESPN 5 will feature games and events from the American NCAA, IndyCar Racing, X Games and several others.

ESPN has also entrusted TV5 with a local production of SportsCenter. SC is a daily sports program that served as ESPN’s primary sports news outlet for over 50,000 episodes.

What Does This Mean for PH Esports?

TV5 has been a constant support of esports as the channel streamed tournaments in both Dota 2 and League of Legends. TV5 had a big hand in the international tournament, ESL One Manila in April of 2016. They also streamed the final series of the 2015 League of Legends World Championship live on local TV.

TV5 President, current Gilas head coach, and avid esports supporter Vincent “Chot” Reyes revealed that ESPN 5 will feature esports in their new broadcast lineup. There are still no details on which esports tournaments ESPN 5 will broadcast on local television.

The promise of live esports streams on local TV offers watching opportunities for those who are unable to watch live on online streaming sites. This new partnership between TV5 and ESPN is the newest step towards the legitimization of PH esports.


Source: Mineski