The Spike Rush game mode of Valorant seems to get a little refresh as Riot Games decides to modify both the Decay Orbs of Deception and Crippling. Riot has announced a new patch 1.02 for the Valorant and plenty of people are curious to know what’s inside. Experts predict that the patch will possibly add the competitive playlist in it. On the other hand, there was no discussion about Future Earth’s casual game mode. 

Spike Rush Mode

Ever since the mode has been introduced in the game, it has received a lot of popularity. In its new Patch 1.01, three new orbs were introduced into the game but now it looks like Riot has a plan to modify these orbs a little.

Changes in Deception Orb

The deception orb is kind of a tricky one as it is used to short sight the enemies. If the deception orb is used, the enemy’s map becomes scrambled and leaves no option for the enemies but to hide. The orb can totally change the fate of the match as the right timing of its usage can put the enemies in a helpless state. 

As the orb is considered too strong and some of the professionals have considered it to be “not fair” for the opponents, Riot has started looking into modifying its usage. Most of the players have called for its removal from the game as they said the opponent team has to camp its way during the effect of this orb. 

Out of all the three orbs, Riot has made sure to look into the usage of Deception Orb as one of the team members explained that it cannot be said right now what Riot comes up with, but we will definitely come up with a change in its use. He also claimed that the orb will be less operative than it is right now. 

Crippling Decay Orb Nerfed?

The crippling decay orb reduces the health of the enemies by 90 percent for 7.5 seconds. The moment a team uses this orb, the enemy team either hides or retreats from the scene. The orb is considered heavily powerful as it only leaves 10% of the health back which makes the enemy team totally vulnerable.

Most of the professionals are calling out for the orb’s removal from the game as it is considered to produce unfair situations. On the other hand, Riot is planning to capture the most of the moment. Riot is trying to settle on a middle ground as removing the orb from the game is not an option for the company. Riot Gaming is planning to nerf the orb by reducing the effect of health reduction by a specific number. The company claims to come up with a plan where this orb will be useful for a team while it will provide the enemy teams a chance to fight back as well. 

Although both of the orbs have set to face a nerf, it is still undefined when Riot will take this decision.