Ranked matches in Valorant were promised by Riot Games in the earlier patch 1.02. As expected, people were looking forward to the patch but unfortunately, the patch came with a huge amount of bugs that Riot had to take back the statement and rescheduled the times for ranked matches to go live. Finally, Riot Games has now announced the times for ranked matches to go live in Valorant.

Official Times for Launch

Riot Games has disclosed all the times for each region of the world for the ranked matches of Valorant to go live. For the North American, LATAM, and Brazil, it has been announced that the users can queue a ranked match after 2 pm PT. However, in Europe, Turkey, Russia, and CIS the ranked matches will be live at 8 pm PT. Besides this, the ranked matches for Oceania, APAC, and Korea will be live at 1 pm PT. 

The timings from each region of the world differ from one another so that Riot Games can monitor all the launches more precisely. The officials say that the variation in launch times is intended and Riot wants to make sure that everything ran smoothly and as desired. Similarly, Riot has also picked the off-peak time for each region to launch the ranked matches as few players will take part and if something goes wrong, fewer users face the trouble. 

Errors in the Previous Launch

The director of Valorant, Joe Ziegler, says that Riot delayed the launch of the ranked matches because a lot of players faced an issue where they would respawn in the enemy zone. Another critical bug that the previous launch faced was no clip. This bug didn’t let the players use the clip during the live matches. However, Riot says that all these bugs are now fixed and the company is confident about moving the ranked matches live to every region of the world. The director adds that Riot believes all the bugs are now resolved and we can now expect a stable and wonderful experience.

Ranked Matches

The news of ranked matches going live for Valorant, around the globe will be very much welcoming for the players as a lot of users were waiting for it for quite a long time. The bug in the first launch also created an urge in the players to test the ranked battles but Riot removed the ranked scene as soon as it spotted the bug. 

Riot indicates that the ranked matches will have a different experience than the beta zone of the game. The top rank has now been renamed to Radiant instead of Valorant. Playing with friends’ experience has been made better than ever. You will now have much closer matches if you queue a match into a party as your competitors will be much closer to your rank. Ranked matches will now bring more equality to the game as before in the unranked matches, mostly one or two players got to dominate the maps.