Riot Games has released the patch notes for the up and coming 0.5 update of Valorant and there’s a great deal to take in.

The patch changes a ton of specialists, each of the three maps, and some broad ongoing gameplay upgrade, so it will take a great deal of becoming acclimated to for players that have gotten acquainted with the game during the beta up until now.

Update for the Agents

On the agent side of things Sage, Cipher, Omen, Viper, Brimstone, and Phoenix have all been changed, to adjust them to how the development team planned them to be played, and to adjust the solid or powerless capacities.

Sage’s slow orb has been nerfed altogether, as has Cipher’s camera and Cyber Cage, yet these are the main two changes that have been nerfed essentially. Sign’s Dark Cover has an expanded cooldown, however with longer span and higher shot speed, it is by and large, to a greater, extent just a buff.

The other agent changes are related to the region of impact abilities. At an essential level Viper’s Snake Bite range has been expanded, however, the enormous change additionally impacts Phoenix and Brimstone’s fireball and Molotov also. To stop bunny jumping refuting all harm from these capacities Riot has rolled out certain improvements to the harm these abilities do.

General Gameplay

As far as general ongoing gameplay updates are concerned, a player can no longer have in excess of 9,000 credits one after another. The past top was 12,000, yet that gave groups with a major economy too large of a favorable position.


Somewhere else the greater part of the weapons have been updated, with recuperation times on all rifles being updated, which should make tap and burst fire progressively productive contrasted with spraying and controlling recoil. The automatic rifles have additionally been polished to make them increasingly productive. 

“Assault rifles are fundamentally failing to meet expectations as compared to different other weapons at their value,” peruses the patch notes from Riot Games. “Automatic rifles are intended to be slug hoses—incredible once they get going. This is a troublesome equalization to strike in a game where a solitary shot from the Vandal will put you down. Our expectation here is to make Machine Guns better at what they do while likewise expanding the intensity of the Ares comparative with weapons at a comparative value point.”


With regards to maps, the majority of the progressions are to fix misuses and overwhelmed points that players have found, however, Split has additionally observed some large changes. So as to give assaulting players a greater chance to take map control a few territories of the map, A Main, Mid Top, and B Tower have all gotten slight changes. 

Lamentably, there is apparently no fix for the high ping issues a few players have experienced.