On Feb. 7, 2013, the esports industry changed forever. A game publisher was finally willing to commit the resources to build a sustainable league for one of the most popular games in the world. When Riot Games launched the LCS, it marked a new era in esports. The early days of esports, led by South Korea’s evolution and the dominance of StarCraft, were over and the era of League of Legends and active, strategic publisher support had begun a orphea.

Esports have evolved greatly over the last ten years. This is nothing surprising as every technology-based program is advancing fast. The top features are the same as Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and the Big Three of League of Legends. They hold their champion-level events regularly and stay popular. Though new mid-tier esports ti9 have also risen, the attraction of these three has not become lesser. However, a change is imminent.  The next phase of esports is starting now.

The Valorant Champions Tour Masters in Iceland is going to start and with that, things will take new shape. The Riot Games will actually challenge the bequest of CS:GO in a strong and influential manner.

Pandemic had some drastic effects on the start. It got delayed. But, Valorant esports are truly beginning now. Fans are excited because this championship has the potential to alter the course of the esports industry. Valorant is going to show huge success as early signs indicate that.

One reason why the fans are more sure of Valorant’s success is that it is showing a clearer than SC:GO seasonal competition structure. The events have more obvious stakes. It has been a year since the narrative culminates in an actual world championship. The encouraging signs are: one Riot is securing multiple sponsors for its circuit; two, the promotions of the esports are carried within the game.  Riot has given Valorant esports quite a good visibility.

If Valorant keeps posting influential viewership figures throughout this event and the figures of its world championship in near future, the status quo of esports will eventually change.  The bright side is that we will witness the next era of esports. However, some people are of opinion that the new era of esports started back in 2018 when Overwatch League was launched.

Valorant is capable to produce a long-lasting impact. It is well-placed in an established esports genre and has a more sponsor-friendly visual identity. It has a larger contribution for the female audience which is more than any other game. The company that is supporting Valorant is cultivating the esports’ ecosystem. Valorant is ready to reach global domination like the League of Legends. However, if it cannot gain that status and level, it has not lost much. Why is that so? It is because the company has proved so much strength by contesting the needed hierarchy. Also, it has delivered modern concepts like support for women’s esports and in-game advertising. With these, the company is leaving ever-lasting marks on the shape of the new ecosystem