Jesse “JerAx” (pronounced dʒɛəraks) Vainikka is a professional Dota 2 player from Finland who currently plays for OG.


JerAx made his name in Heroes of Newerth, where he played for a number of teams including “Dirty Minds” (with Era and SingSing) and “Man the fuck Up”/”KD-Gaming” (with Era). He then did a compulsory military service in the Finnish navy, and when he had finished it, started playing Dota 2.

Dota 2


JerAx began his Dota 2 career in the Finnish team Rat in the dark as a support player. After playing with them for a month he was approached by SingSing, and JerAx joined his team, QPAD Red Pandas as a trialist. A while later he was announced as a full member of the team.


After more than a year of absence from the Dota 2 professional scene, JerAx became a part of the newly-formed Finnish squad 4 Anchors + Sea Captain alongside Trixi, MATUMBAMAN, Vaalix and Buugi. JerAx played the #4 position for the team, in addition to serving as the overall team captain and drafter. He left the team in early January 2015.


A few days later, JerAx joined the international team Team Tinker. After a couple months of disappointing results, JerAx parted ways with the team on March 6th, and was announced to be joining Korean team MVP HOT6ix. The team quickly became a powerhouse in the South East Asia scene, and after winning MPGL Season 7, the team qualified for The International 2015. Despite their strong play leading up to the tournament, MVP HOT6ix disapointed at the main event. They finished last in their group, and were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs by Invictus Gaming.

In the post TI5 shuffle, JerAx left MVP HOT6ix, and was revealed to have joined 5Jungzafter the team was invited to the ESL One New York 2015 European Qualifiers. After a string of good results, he was picked up by Team Liquid. With winning The Defense Season 5 and reaching third place at WCA 2015, JerAx ended the 2015 calendar year on a high note.


JerAx continued his good form over the new year with double runner-up places in the Frankfurt and Manila majors respectively. With a consistent run of being second, JerAx won his first premier offline tournament in 2016 at EPICENTER. He left Team Liquid during the post TI6 shuffle.


  • Can touch his nose with his tongue.
  • Known for his Earth Spirit, JerAx has over 500 matches played on the hero and sports an impressive 75.5% win rate as listed on Dotabuff.


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Results Prize
2017-08-10 7 – 8th Premier The International 2017 0 : 2 $617,198
2017-04-30 1st Premier The Kiev Major 2017 3 : 2 $1,000,000
2017-04-04 2nd Premier Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 0 : 3 $91,799
2016-12-10 1st Premier The Boston Major 2016 3 : 1 $1,000,000
2016-08-11 7 – 8th Premier The International 2016 0 : 2 $519,262
2016-06-12 2nd Premier The Manila Major 2016 1 : 3 $405,000
2016-05-15 1st Premier EPICENTER 2016 3 : 2 $250,000
2016-04-24 2nd Premier ESL One Manila 2016 0 : 3 $50,000
2016-03-06 2nd Premier The Shanghai Major 2016 1 : 3 $405,000
2015-12-20 3rd Premier World Cyber Arena 2015 3 : 0 $77,125