The B-God, Xu ‘BurNIng’ Zhilei decided to take a break for the start of the new season and will step down from Invictus Gaming to spend time with his family.

The sister teams of Invictus Gaming both qualified and played at The International 2017 main event, however, only IG, carried by Xu ‘BurNIng’ Zhilei made it to top six, while IG V finished in the bottom four. With BurNIng deciding to step out of the competitive scene for an undetermined period, Invictus Gamingwelcomes Yang ‘END’ Pu to the team.

According to the official announcement made by Invictus Gaming on their weibo page, END who played for the past year for Vici Gaming at norgescåsino, will change not only teams but his nickname as well. He renamed himself to ‘GazEoD’ which stands for ‘Gaze of Death’

Invictus Gaming’s roster:

Yang ‘GazEoD/END’ Pu
Ou ‘Op’ Peng
Lin ‘Xxs’ Jing
Ye ‘BoBoKa’ Zhibiao
Fu ‘Q’ Bin

We thank BurNIng for all he has done for IG, we wish him a happy life and we hope that one day we can reunite. Invictus Gaming – IT’S ALL ABOUT BELIEVIN’ ” – extract from Invictus Gaming’s official announcement

As for Invictus Gaming Vitality, the former team carry, Zhang ‘Paparazi’ Chengjun who was transferred to VG at the beginning of this week, will be replaced by CDEC’s Su ‘Flyby’ Lei. The team also lost its captain, Yang ‘InJuly’ Xiaodong which is rumored to actually join a new organization for the upcoming season. While IG didn’t announce who will be captaining the two rosters, the IG Vitality new line-up is as follows:

IG Vitality’s  roster:

Su ‘Flyby’ Lei
Xu ‘Sakata’ Zichen
Sun ‘Srf’ Runfa
Gao ‘dogf1ghts’ Tianpeng
Su ‘super’ Peng