Valve will be releasing smaller scaled patches and updates in regular two week increments for the next six months.

In a series of tweets the infamous and mysterious Dota 2 lead developer ‘IceFrog’ announced that there would be changes in the way that patches were delivered and introduced to gameplay.

Historically the patches were released after or just before large LAN events and were game changing, meta shifting giants. Changes were often applied to all aspects of the game at once including Heroes, items, map and general areas all at once.

The last big patch implemented was 7.07 – The Dueling Fates when the two new heroes Dark Willow and Pangolier were introduced on October 30th. It was last updated as 7.07d on December 2nd with adjustments to approximately 20 heroes including several to Morphling.

Along with the regularly scheduled updates, a new in-game feature will help players identify the changes made recently that will effect their specific match.

The tweets were released on Wednesday night with no indication of a start date so it is quite possible players could see changes as early as today, being it is Thursday. The new system will be in place until The International 8 expected to take place as usual in August.


Source: Gosugamers