Riot Games released Valorant to introduce the executive competitive experience for the fans with strong gunplay and strategy. In a short time, Riot introduced competitive gaming in Valorant as it released a ranking system with each player desiring to achieve a higher level until the top-level called Radiant. As it is a very difficult path from Placements to Radiant, we have designed a guide for you to rank up faster in Valorant competitive mode. 

How does it work?

Valorant has ranked the players under 8 tiers. To order them up, the rank tiers are Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Radiant. To each tier, an additional ranking has been given to categorize a specific player in a specific position. For example, a person could be Gold 1, Gold 2, or Gold 3. If a person surpasses Gold 3, he/she moves up to Platinum 1. This continues until a person reaches the tier Radiant which is the most prestigious rank level for a Valorant player. 

Rank up Faster

In order to become a part of Valorant’s competitive mode, you need to play five placement matches. These matches will eventually decide the tier level you fall in. Riot uses an Elo rating system technology to look at your performance during these five matches and settle you into a tier. The data taken from your matches could be the KDA, the number of rounds won, kills, and using the tactics with some brilliant strategies. 

In order to rank up faster, playing more Valorant competitive mode is the key. If you play more games it will eventually come down to winning or losing. The more you win the more your rank goes up. As Valorant is a 5vs5 game, communicating more with your team and coming up with unanimous strategies could offer you better wins and faster ranks. 

Moreover, if you are an early bird in the Valorant’s competitive mode, try and focus more on your combat score. Your combat score will be determined on the basis of the number of kills, damage dealt, and multi-kill rounds. Being a newbie, we cannot advise you to play selfishly, but looking at your own combat score is really important. 

Win by More Margin

Valorant has a unique method of treating the players with their ranks. The better the winning margin, the better the rank. For example, if you pull off a win of 13-3, you will be rewarded more than a win of 13-12. This means that teamwork is extremely important in a competitive match of Valorant. It makes no sense if you are performing well and getting a 25-5 final score and end up losing the game, you need to move with the team and come up with a better strategy. Also, you need to be smart enough to make a good decision about when to buy, when to play safe, savage, or when to retreat. 


To sum it up, there is no hard and fast rule available for ranking up Valorant’s rank faster. Although we have come up with some key points that could really help a player perform better in the competitive matches.