Riot Games has recently launched the ranked matches in Valorant. After continuous consideration towards the game, Riot observed a bug in the Haven map. Thus, Riot has made a decision to remove the map for the time being from the ranked scene. The official page of the game tweeted about the bug saying that the company noticed a bug into the map and will be locking it from the ranked match-making. The map will return once the developers are confident about the bug’s removal. 

The Bug

As the new patch came out for Valorant, a new shooting agent Reyna was introduced. Most of the players observed an unusual behavior while playing with Reyna in the Haven map. On the C side of the map, players were able to use Reyna’s Dismiss ability to reach the platforms located at the back of the map. This eventually led the players beneath the map to become unreachable. While the agent reaches the bottom of the map, it can roam around easily and can also plant the bomb while the enemies can do nothing about it. This issue resulted in a free round for Reyna’s team. 

How to achieve the Bug

Although the bug was not so easy to achieve, it was still possible. Reyna could become untouchable in Haven under the circumstances if the agent is carrying the bomb at C side of the map. Also, killing an enemy is essential in order to reach the boxes available on the left side of the site. From there, Reyna can use Dismiss to clip through the elevator and reach beneath the map. Riot observed the bug was pretty hard to achieve but still was available in the game and hence, removed the map immediately from the ranked matches. 

Players to complain about Reyna

As a matter of fact, most of the players complained about the shooting agent Reyna. As Riot removed the map from the scene, players said that removing Reyna would have been a better choice. A lot of players pointed out the unfair advantage Reyna has. The flash ability of Reyna is undodgeable unlike other agents in the game. Most players reported that Reyna’s flash ability forces the enemies to start spraying to deal some damage to Reyna. One of the players also quoted the flash ability of Reyna as it leaves the enemies as good as dead. Also, spraying is the only good counter to the flash as it provides the best cover. 

Players Concerns

As the game progresses, players are concerned about Reyna’s flash ability as well as Raze’s damage. Most of the players complained about Raze’s damage kit. While other agents’ kits carry strategy and utility, Raze’s kit only has damage.

Players have constantly posted about Reyna and Raze being too “OP” for the game. The feedback says that, while these two are perfectly aligned for dealing damage, other agents are not very reliable in combat.