Beating the prodigy as 3-1, the G2 Esports have procured and won the vitality European Open Valorant tournament in an exhibiting final. The construct of their game made it look so easy to acquire and win. For the first time in a real European tournament of Riot games sanctioning Ignition series, eight of the best teams played with each other endorsing competitiveness with fun and entertainment for the audience.

As the game progressed, the eight of the teams divided into two groups of four, GROUP A and GROUP B, headed towards the knockout stage.

The Group Stages

In Group A, team G2 played with such valor and nerve without losing a single streak. They proved that they did belong to a major organization in Europe. G2 Esports also took first place in the game. They suffered a defeat, losing one map in the group stage because of a defeat on BIND by FABRIKEN for 13-9. However, they soon gained back their winning streak by beating 13-3 on Haven and 13-2 on Split.

As far as FABRIKEN is concerned, they advanced in the group to be in second place. They defeated Apexis and needed more Dm for 2-0 even after losing a game to G2.

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As all of this was happening in Group A, Group B had its teams playing close matches. Party Parrots and Prodigy marched out of the group for a 2-1 record. Bonk and breadHUNTERS, as one of the favored teams to be entering the tournament, managed to win for 1-2. However, this record was not enough to make headways.

The Playoffs

As soon as the knockout stage ended, G2 started majorly winning the game. They started off the game by being in their dormant phase. However, they lost their opening map of the day to Party Parrots for 13-5 on Haven. As G2 was one of the best teams, they came out of their inert cocoon and started winning the game. They won two maps against Party Parrots. Later on, they took down Prodigy to cultivate their ways towards the grand finale and also lock the 1-0 trump card bracket for winners.

On the other hand, Prodigy made it to the finals by beating FABRIKEN for 2-1, which was one of the nerve-wracking matches of the entire tournament as the match came down to the final round of map three.

Grand Finale

As the finals approached, Prodigy defeated Haven 13-7, turning the match into the best of three. G2 also returned from the second map and with some grand plays by their star player, they led to a 13-8 winning streak.

Overall, the Vitality European Open was an amazing tour for Valorant as world-class teams battled against each other to produce the best games. G2 came out the strongest and took the biggest part of the prize pool. In the future, we can expect plenty of more Valorant tournaments.