Dota 2 Combo Ideas for Cool Pub Game

Dota 2 is always fun when you play with your friends or gaming partners. You can multiply this fun by playing a Dota 2 combo in your match. These combos are fun in pub game as well as in pro matches too. Because some times your lineup totally beats your opponent’s strategy. To help you out with some combo ideas, we have listed some really amazing and cool combos with Pros and Cons of every combo.

1. The Global Dota 2 Combo

Suggested Lineup

  • Mid – Zeus
  • Carry – Spectre
  • Offlaner – Clockwork
  • Semi Support – Silencer
  • Hard Support – Ancient Apparition / Nature Prophet

Play Style 

This one of the most common Dota 2 combo ever. I can safely say that everyone who has played more than 1000 Dota 2 games must have played this combo at least once. You can kill almost whole enemy team with this combo without even getting close. Zeus is going to use Thundergod’s Wrath first. As soon as you got vision of the enemy heroes, Nature prophet will use its ultimate. Then comes Spectre’s ultimate. If Spectre has farmed Radiance and Diffusal Blade, her illusion will easily finish off enemy support and squishy heroes. For rest of the kills she can use haunt to reach those heroes and meanwhile silencer can use his ultimate so that enemy cant use any spell to run. Still if some hero is left, Ancient’s ultimate can take care of it. Aghanim Scepter and Refresher orb on Zeus, Nature Prophet will make things more interesting.

  • This lineup includes one of the hardest carries of Dota 2, Spectre.
  • Effective disable with Silencer’s ultimate.
  • Effective lane control with Zeus and Silencer
  • Sufficient lane / tower push control
  • Once you pick 2 heroes, your opponent team may understand that you are going for Global Combo, therefore picking heroes to counter you hard.
  • Spectre needs lots of farm in order to survive late game.
  • This lineup does not have stunner or reliable disabler.
  • Can be counter hard with insta kill heroes like Pudge, Tuskar and Tiny etc.

2. You Can’t Move Combo

Suggested Lineup

  • Mid – Viper / Huskar / Pudge
  • Carry – Drow Ranger
  • Offlaner – Bristleback /Beast Master
  • Semi Support – Venomancer / Dazzle
  • Hard Support – Jakiro / Crystal Maiden / Lich

Game Play

Although you can not slow anyone’s movement speed below 100 but main theme of this combo is to slow enemy as much as possible.  This combo mainly focuses on 1 or 2 isolated heroes pickup. However, team fighting capability of this combo is also not bad.

  • Huge amount of attack and magic damage.
  • Effective AOE spell with Venomancer / Jakiro in lineup.
  • Extreme lane control in almost all lanes.
  • Mostly paper heroes which can be killed very easily if any AOE combo is used properly.
  • No hard disable except Pudge / Beast Master.
  • Blink heroes can counter this combo easily.
  • Can be counter hard with insta kill heroes like Pudge, Tuskar and Tiny etc

3. The Perma-Stun Combo

Suggested Lineup

  • Mid – Magnus / Centaur / Lina
  • Carry – Sven
  • Offlaner – Tide Hunter / Nyx Assassin
  • Semi Support – Sand King / Earth Shaker
  • Hard Support – Lion

Game Play

In this team combo we are going to try to keep enemy stunned almost forever. You can do it by picking AOE or even solo stunners. With careful timing of your stun and chain stun them to max. Believe me this combo frustrates your enemy like hell . Sven needs to use his stun first, so that later on he can deal physical damage after using his ultimate while other allies keep enemy stunned for rest of the time.

  • If carefully coordinated and executed, you can keep whole enemy team stunned for almost 9.5 sec with this combo.
  • Tanky lineup, harder to kill.
  • Lots of AOE damage.
  • All roles perfectly fit in this lineup.
  • You can also pick off single targets easily with this combo.
  • Complete team needs blink or scepter to reach their max potential.
  • One BKB and there goes your combo flying into the wind.
  • This lineup mostly comprises of melee heroes. So you’ll have to get close in fights in order to execute this Dota 2 combo, thus making ideal situation for wombo combo execution by your enemies. For example, Enigma’s blackhole, Outworld Devourer’s ultimate and other AOE spells can really ruin your charm. Rubik can also enjoy playing in your enemy team because he will steal all your stuns and use it back on you

4. The Doctor’s Lineup

Suggested Lineup

  • Mid – Huskar / Omni
  • Carry – Juggernaut
  • Offlaner – Necrophos / Treant Protector
  • Semi Support – Warlock / Witch Doctor
  • Hard Support – Dazzle / Oracle


The main idea of this combo is to select heroes which have any healing spell. During game play your aim will be to keep everyone alive with your massive healing spells. Ancient Appiration can stop your healing for like forever. So do not forget to ban him for this lineup.

  • Because of massive healing spells, it is a very durable lineup and very difficult to kill.
  • Nice AOE spells to counter ganks
  • You won’t die unless you want to.
  • Ancient Appiration can shut down this combo alone and so can Silencer.
  • Game will be totally dependent on Juggernaut, if enemy get hold of him somehow in early game, you’ll get very hard time in late game.

5. The Wombo Combo

Suggested Lineup

Basically you can pick any hero with AOE spell for this combo to work, possibilities are endless. However suggested lineup is;

  • Mid – Invoker / Shadow fiend / Puck / Queen of Pain / Storm Spirit with Aghanim Scepter
  • Carry – Faceless Void / Outworld Devourer / Anti Mage
  • Offlaner – Tidehunter / Dark Seer / Magnus / Kunka
  • Semi Support – Sand King / Earth Shaker / Enigma / Witch Doctor
  • Hard Support – Crystal Maiden / Veno Mancer / Warlock

Game Play

If you watch Dota 2 pro plays every now and then, then you must be knowing that this most common Dota 2 combo in pro plays, but on the same hand very difficult to execute perfectly. Main theme of this lineup is AOE spells and their successive execution. Force your enemy for a team fight. You can do this by using some weak hero as bait or getting hold of any solo enemy and deliberately allowing him to escape deliberately so he call for backup and join his team mates. Once complete (or most of the) enemy team is nearby, initiate the combo. Enigma, Magnus and Dark seer are perfect initiators for this. Once combo is initiated, use all your AOE spells on your enemy.

It must be kept in mind for successful execution that DO NOT engage enemy’s bait. They may send a weak hero as bait to bring you to a place of their advantage. Still, your combo may work, but there are more chances of failure. This lineup is best suited for team fights. So, concentrate on team fights. Positioning of your initiator will matter a lot. You can force team fights while defending your towers or while lying a siege on their towers. Either they will take a team fight or will lose a tower, in both the cases you’ll be at an advantage.

  • Invoker alone is enough to extinguish enemy team if the player knows how to unleash full potential of Invoker.
  • This lineup has some very decent and hard disables which can not be evaded even with BKB.
  • Insane amount of Magical, physical and Pure damage.
  • Initiator needs to have good game experience so he knows when to start. Wrong initiation will not only get you killed, your major spells will also be on cool down for a long duration.
  • This type of combo require deliberation before gank or even before picking heroes. You can almost never try this combo while playing solo in Dota 2 because all the players do not understand each other’s play style. However if you are playing with your team, then there are more chances of success.
  • Almost all major spells have long cool downs. Once you use all your spells and enemy buys back and starts to push / force another team fight, there is almost nothing which you can do.
Source: Dotainternational