Faze Clan was founded in Los Angeles in, 2010 and Thomas Oliveira aka Faze Temperrr is one of the owners. The entertainment esport organization has gained worldly fame. It has expanded to the Asian Market acquiring a FIFA Online roster and Thai PUBG Mobile.

Faze is Volarant’s champion team. Challenge three has come and gone and along with came the meteoric rise of Faze Clan. With a single charge, the squad of former overwatch fraggers punched their ticket to masters winning the grand finals just for the proper measures. So, how did the middle of the pack team become one of NA’s best ending rubbing shoulders of the top dogs heading into the stage?

It is a team that could break into the upper echelons of North American Valorant. Faze’s ability to pop up was never questioned.  Their knack of strategizing around the opposite number, however, was a hurdle that they couldn’t mount.

Enter Trippy in a short space of time, the relatively unknown coach has helped the team hone their aggression into a more controlled and more suffocating playstyle. With a renewed focus on strategy and with some of the best raw talent in the game. The sky is the limit for this squad.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the coaching change is Baby bay who went on a fragging frenzy as faze secured their master spot clocking out an average combat score of 281 and a KD of 1. 44. The Jetman’s newfound confidence gave him a license to exploit the dualist movement in a way that caught his opponents off guard time and time again.

With the former overwatch, stars are now guided by their new coach’s strategic input. They can unleash their incredible skill within the bounce of a fleshed-out tactical blueprint. And with the level of dominance displayed at challenges 3, Baby Bay and his Faze squad could be catalyzing a meta shift in which top-tier movement mechanics now receive a reward.

The challengers 3 MVP surprised the events that once Fraze had a coach, they would become the best in the game. They are certainly on course to fulfill that prophecy.

Baby bay is the only Faze fragger who has improved with the arrival of Trippy. Team captain Corey is beginning to resemble the form that got so many talking about him in overwatch.

The team is more calculated than before as they appear more comfortable with best online games utility usage across the board and the pop-off potential is certainly present for every player.

Faze will be keen to combine their new battle plan and high-tempo gameplay heading into the first VCT master’s event where they will go against the best their region has to offer. With Faze’s duelist-heavy approach teams will be forced to find a way to stifle their aggressive style and slow them down.

Faze starts masters of a rematch against the exit. The surprised underdogs who upset a few of NA’s top teams on route to stage finale. But, even more, exciting is the prospect of seeing Faze take on Sentinals.  If they are to become the cream of the crop in free games to play Valorant’s then this could be the most explosive match-up of the tournament.