Absolute JUPITER takes the first-ever VALORANT Ignition Series in Japan. The team dominated in the two days of savage competition. The tournament sponsored by RAGE and Red Bull brought world-class teams to fight against each other. The prize pool criteria consisted of the Winner takes all basis. Absolute JUPITER took home ¥ 500,000 as a winning prize. The team proved itself throughout the competition by not even losing a single map. Here are some of the details of the tournament and how Absolute JUPITER dominated throughout.

Ignition Series

Absolute JUPITER dominated each and every team it faced throughout the tournament. The team easily made it to the finals after beating three of its competitors. The team seemed unstoppable as it crushed the enemies in the early rounds as 13-1, 13-0, and 13-1. After this total savageness, the team faced Lag gaming into the finals. Absolute JUPITER showed no mercy and crushed Lag gaming in the finals as well. Although Lag gaming proved the only team that pushed Absolute JUPITER as 13-8 and 13-6, it still didn’t make it. It was the debut pro performance by Absolute JUPITER and no team stood a chance against it. 

History of Absolute JUPITER

The team Absolute JUPITER has a history of being one of the best teams in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The team’s starting 5 was number 1 in Japan. However, the team announced its motives to switch to VALORANT at the end of February. Within a month, the whole line up including the head coach of the team “Junior” was acquired by the JUPITER organization. The same CS: GO team now turned as a professional VALORANT team. 

The Finale

The team proved itself the best during the two days of massive fighting. Total domination revised the CS: GO chemistry of the team. The coordination between the team slew each and every enemy it faced during the tournament. Every single member of the team proved himself during the important matches but it was “Takej” who held the back of the team when it faced a backlash in the finals against Lag Gaming. Takej secured 46 kills in the finale and let the team win the first-ever VALORANT Ignition Series. Not only this, but Takej also proved his versatility in the finale by switching roles between aggressive ganking and healing specialists. The player first dominated with the vampiress Reyna and later on switched to a defensive Sage. 

The VALORANT Ignition Series is not just a tournament but also an inaugural campaign where Riot Games joined hands with 20 other gaming organizations to start the game’s esports scene. The Ignition series will now be held in different regions of the world. First of all, next week the series will take place in its first-ever North American tournament, which is named the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown. 

16 best VALORANT teams will participate in the tournament to take home the prize pool of $50,000 USD. These 16 best squads will be chosen from the same region of the series.