Ubisoft sent out a survey to many players earlier this week and it has some questions which left many excited. The survey basically asks players about what other games they play, and what game modes will they like to see in the future. In addition to this, it also requests players to tell how they like playing Rainbow Six Siege.

New Rainbow Six Siege Survey

Through the survey, the developers basically want to know whether players prefer attack or defense, which operators they mostly use, and what game modes they usually choose. They also listed around six new game modes in the survey and asked players to choose from them. The list includes an open-world mode, a solo campaign, a new PvP mode, and a co-op PvE mode. In addition to these, a team deathmatch mode as well as a Capture the Flag mode is also present in the list.

Players basically have to rate the modes by choosing from options such as “not at all appealing” and “extremely appealing”. Through this, Ubisoft will get to know which mode is the most liked one and which one needs improvements. In addition to this, the Survey also asks players about whether they enjoy Battle Royale games or not.

Will Ubisoft Add A New Battle Royale Mode in The Game?

Although it’s just a question, many players are currently wondering why Ubisoft asked it. We all know that it is just impossible for Rainbow Six Siege to fit in the Battle Royale category, so adding such mode might not be a good decision at all. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that Ubisoft only asked the opinion of players regarding Battle Royale titles, and they are yet to provide any confirmation about a new BR mode.

Ubisoft Hints A New Game

In addition to this, the survey also asks players to provide their thoughts about Ubisoft releasing a new Rainbow Six game. The developers basically asked them to imagine a new game which was based on Rainbow Six Siege, but with a different direction. By a different direction, they meant a game with new maps, modes, operators, enemies, and other content.

Players are also asked what price will be too high, and how much will they be willing to pay for a new game. Although the survey does not reveal what type of game Ubisoft will release, it does indicate that they want to take care of each and everything before working on it. This is something good considering that fact that most developers out there are not listening to their fans at all these days.

Rainbow Six Siege is still going strong even three years after its release. As the game is still growing and Ubisoft is updating it from time to time, it is highly unlikely that we will be seeing a sequel to it. In any case, fans are surely excited to see what Ubisoft will bring next as the new survey is making them think a lot about the next addition to the Rainbow Six series.