Ubisoft has finally revealed the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise. Yesterday, during the Six Major Raleigh, the developers finally decided to lift the curtain and revealed what fans can expect to see in the coming months. For those who don’t know, Operation Ember Rise is going to be the fourteenth expansion for the game, and it will add two new operations. In addition to this, it will also feature a battle pass as well as a rework of the classic Kanal Map.

Two New Operators

The first operator is Amaru who belongs to the attacker class and is from Peru. She possesses a grappling hook that can help her reach high ground quickly. The latter is equipped with a G8A1 automatic rife and a Supernova shotgun, something which can help her take down tough opponents. The best thing about Amaru is that she can instantly take down an opponent standing behind a window.

The second operator is a Mexican Defender who goes by the name Goyo. He is a former member of the Mexican Fuerzas Especiales, so he isn’t someone you should mess with. He possesses a Volcan Shield that can save him from incoming bullets. However, the thing which makes this shield different from others is that Goyo can actually attach an incendiary device to it, and later shoot it to create an explosion.

Improved Version of the Kanal Map

In addition to this, Operation Ember Rise is also going to feature an improved version of the classic Kanal map. Ubisoft has decided to make some improvements to it and it looks so much better than the original one. For those who don’t know, Kanal is one of those maps that have been present in the game since its launch. Over the past years, players discovered various issues with this map, and they will be hopefully fixed in the improved version.

The Battle Pass

The thing which has most of the fans excited is the Battle Pass. Phase one of the pass is going to be a “mini-battle pass” and it will be free for all players. There are going to be seven tiers and all of them will feature some cosmetic items. However, phase one will last for only one week so you will need to be quick if you want to get all the rewards.

After Ember Rise ends and the game enters the final season of year 4, players will get to see the full version of the Battle Pass which will feature both free and paid tiers. The best thing about the battle pass is that players will have to complete matches only in order to gain tier points. This makes it different from the battle passes present in other games such as Apex Legends and Fortnite where players have to complete various tasks in order to progress.

Operation Ember Rise is currently scheduled to go live today on the PC test servers. This will allow players to test the new expansion to see if it is ready for the main game or not.