The International 7 was the biggest esports tournament ever, with a massive $24 million prize pool. The winners took home more than $10 million, and when it came down to the final two teams emotions were running high, so Valve decided to follow them with cameras to create this Dota 2 documentary.

True Sight is the documentary series that has covered some of the biggest teams and competitions in the world of Dota 2. Previous episodes have focused on competitions such as The Boston and Kiev Majors, while others have taken a look at how teams prepare for these events.

This episode, much like the one for the Kiev Major, joins the two finalist for TI7 as they prepare for the grand final. Team Liquid have been on an incredible lower bracket run and come in with some good form and confidence, while Newbee have looked like the undoubted best team in the competition for some days.

The film had unprecedented access to the teams, listening into their private conversations while in game and in between games. We get to see the reactions of the winners and losers as the celebrations take place, which gets quite emotional at times.

Fortunately the documentary is quite general, and doesn’t feature too much in the way of Dota jargon and in game footage, so this is a good watch for everyone, even those who don’t understand Dota or even those who don’t play games.