Although Valve decided to rescind the Major Status of Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds, the event organizers announce their decision to go on with the tournament according to the established schedule.

According to the Fallout Gaming official statement, the regulations set by the Philippines  Games and Amusement Board, which include a drug testing for THC and methamphetamine hydrochloride, are mandatory for all the teams attending the event and Fallout Gaming welcome the initiative they believe it’s “a step towards the right direction to legitimize esports.”. “We are currently working hard to promote a stronger and healthier gaming community, says the Fallout Gaming Managing board, the full statement being the following:

We at the Galaxy Battles Management respect the decision made by the Valve Corporation to withdraw the Major status of the upcoming Galaxy Battles II, at the Philippine Arena on January 19th – 21st, 2017. Rest assured, the event will go on as scheduled.

The decision was made on Friday morning, January 5th, 2017, by the Valve Corporation, the parent company and developer of DotA 2 (Defense of the Ancients) in light of the recent events that has happened between the Galaxy Battles Management and the Games and Amusement Board of the Philippines.

We had secured the requirements set by the Games and Amusement Board of the Philippines and we continue to comply with its rules and regulations. In line with this, we encourage teams and its individual members to abide by the laws of every country they are competing at.

Our company feels that this regulation is a step towards the right direction to legitimize esports. We are currently working hard to promote a stronger and healthier gaming community.

In compliance with the Philippine government, the Galaxy Battles Management believes that following regulations will help shape the future of esports. We feel that regulations would lead towards the right direction to legitimize esports.

We firmly believe that there is a way to develop a healthy esports community in Southeast Asia. This can be accomplished through a head start at Galaxy Battles II in order to usher a new beginning for esports.

We thank you for your continuous support.

For updates, kindly visit our official Facebook page: ”

In the past 48 hours, three teams already announced their withdrawal from Galaxy Battles, citing that their main focus is on the Pro Circuit and its TI8 qualifying points., Team Liquid and Team Secret are the three who already dropped out. Fallout Gaming haven’t announced if they plan to keep the 16 teams line-up for the event and replace those who withdrew or if they will shorten the participants list. With Valve revoking the Major status comes a half of million dollars prize pool cut, but the organizers are also yet to release the new prize pool and the distribution of it. The event will kick off on the 15th of January which leaves a couple more days for all the missing information to be cleared out.


Source: Gosugamers