Esports Player League (ESPL), twitch as an online tournament platform announces partnership with record label Warner Music Asia – taking a giant leap towards global growth. It is worth mentioning here that Warner Music Group operates and owns some of the most popular and largest labels in the world.

The deal enables Warner Music Asia to be the exclusive music partner of Esports Player League. Additionally, the deal includes permission to ESPL to embed Warner Music Asia’s tunes of its choice into its platform. Moreover, the deal is an expansion of Warner Music’s global participation in the esports twitch industry as Warner’s Central Europe division has already entered a deal with the LEC since 2019.

The new partnership marks the start of a new episode in Warner Music Asia’s music production. The popular group enters into the esports industry. Hence, gaming and music streamline the entertainment industry to offer a rich gaming experience to players.

Esports’ collaboration with the famous music group foretells more well-matched and authentic partnerships with other companies including but not limited to video game developers, publishers, and brands.

Esports’ increasing fan base is driving the gaming industry into a new era. The speculations make it clear that gaming would be a million if not a billion-dollar industry in near future. The state of the epidemic has imposed social distancing which is adding to the popularity of video games as an engaging and entertaining pastime.

Darren Ho, Senior Vice President of Music Entertainment and Partnerships at Warner Music Asia, expressed his excitement about the deal in a release. The partnership with ESPL is thrilling for Warner Music Asia. The fans of gaming and music are in large numbers. Grassroot esports players’ community in ESPL along with eager audiences all over the world will engage in the two fragments simultaneously.

He further added that the confident environment of twitch ESPL will enable Warner Music Asia to amass advance and bespoke music for gamers. He showed his eagerness and impatience to witness the fans of ESPL experience that for themselves.

ESPL has its base in Singapore. The online platforms epic games of ESPL focus on grassroots and amateur competitions across a variety of mobile titles including PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Brawl Stars.

CEO and Co-Founder of ESPL, Michael Broda, also conveyed his words on the partnership event and said that digital entertainment has become a fast-growing industry. Warner Music has a long experience of investment in the ever-changing entertainment landscape of the modern world. This partnership holds strategic importance as it brings value to popular brands and players across the globe. It would also lift amateur esports to a higher level.

Esports experts call the new partnership deal between Warner Music epic games and Esports Player League a healthy decision by the latter, to cross-pollinate esports and music segments for the entertainment industry’s better growth.

As for Warner Music, the deal is the start of potential growth and achievements as a record label. The company will produce creative audio art, and the artists at epic games Warner Music will gain more exposure across the world.