Supports have been the star of the show for the Main Event of Starladder iLeague Season 3. With the early game more important than ever in this patch, the Puppeys and the GHs have taken the spotlight. These are the support heroes with a crazy 100% win rate in Kyiv, Ukraine. These stats don’t include the final day of the event.


The icy undead mage has been banned a crazy number of times in Starladder but the three times he was let through turned out for a win for the Lich-pickers. Interestingly, Lich is considered an entry level hero in Dota but his impact is undeniable. With his noob-friendly skill set, he can be very easy to pick up.

Over the last few months Lich has become ubiquitous to the pro-scene thanks to his Sacrifice that guarantees your team’s mid lane to win the early game thanks to the easy experience and gold deny.

While Sacrifice takes the spotlight for Lich in this meta, his other spells are still very effective. Frost Armor is also a very effective way of easily mitigating physical damage against your team. A well timed Chain Frost can also turn around any engagement in your team’s favor.


Chen has made a return to the meta after a long absence. The hero has barely been relevant since The International 3 but in the right circumstances it can be a devastating pick. Chen is now usually used to aggressively jungle and assist the team’s offlaner.

The hero has been picked six times in total by PuppeyKuroky, and Zfreek. The games have all gone their way from an early point as they use the extra crowd control to full effect. Plus, even if Hand of God has been nerfed quite a bit since its glory days, the spell is still brilliant in a pinch.

Earth Spirit

Despite constantly getting nerfed over the past year, Earth Spirit is still considered one of the best roamers in Dota 2. The hero has won all seven games it has played so far in Starladder. No other hero can provide a slow, long range stun, and silence in the game.

GH and Yapzor have had notable Earth Spirit games in the tournament that could give Jerax a run for his money.


Source: Mineski