Hearthstone and Arena of Valor are the most award winning mobile games in the esports. Mobile games, available for download on Android and iPhone devices, gain more and more space in the competitive. The low cost, both for acquiring the games and for getting compatible handsets, strengthens the portable platforms, in view of consoles and PCs gamers. See below the five most lucrative mobile games in the history of esports.


Vainglory is an online multiplayer battle arena game developed by Super Evil Megacorp for Android and iPhone devices. The free game was launched in 2014 and has been ranked among the top mobile titles. VG, as it is known, distributed around $ 797,000 in 35 tournaments and is the fifth mobile game to have won the most in history.

The Vainglory World Championship in 2016 delivered $ 120,000 in prizes, leaving the biggest slice for Ahn “druid” Hyun Joon and his teammates. The player is also the leader in collecting, with a total of US $ 41,500. Currently, the game is restructured to re-shine on mobile esports.

Clash Royale

Launched in 2016, Supercell ‘s strategy and card game is available for free for Android and iPhone. Clash Royale was so successful that it became the most watched mobile game in 2017. Currently, the game is the fourth with the highest amount collected, are $ 1.2 million dollars.

Mexican Sergio “Sergioramos :)” Ramos is the player who collected the most money with the game. The athlete was crowned champion of the Crown Championship World Finals 2017, and took US $ 150 thousand to home.


Shadowverse is a free-to-play card game developed and published by Cygames, initially for Android and iPhone devices, and later gained version for Mac OS X and Windows. Despite being released in the same year as Clash Royale, the game had only two tournaments on the big stage: the Shadowverse World Grand Prix in 2017 and 2018. Although not as well known as the others, the game has distributed about $ 1.3 million.

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is the free MOBA from Tencent Games , available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. Launched in Asia in 2016 and for the rest of the following year, the game is an international success of mobile esports. With $ 4.3 million distributed in 24 championships, online multiplayer reached the rank of second game that more awarded throughout history.

In August 2018, the QG Happy Chinese won the Arena of Valor Honor of Kings Champion Cup Summer 2018 and earned $ 400,000. The tournament distributed US $ 1 million and became the biggest prize in the game.


Hearthstone is number one on the list of mobile games with the highest collection and the seventh on the list that includes games for consoles and PCs. The Blizzard Entertainment card game , free for Android and iPhone and computer version, has already given US $ 15 million in prizes.

The card game surpassed other games with strong representation in the world competitive scenario, such as: Overwatch, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Rainbow Six: Siege. By 2019, Blizzard has already announced that it intends to continue investing more than $ 4 million throughout the season.