Welcome to this second part about games whose release date we still do not know, even despite the fact that the producers have confirmed that they are still working on them, we have no news! We will have to settle for the clues that are giving us dropper.

Allison Road

The cancellation of Silent Hill left a huge void in our hearts that Allison Road promised to fill. But this  horror game has come a long journey that seems not yet finished: Kickstarter crowdfunding was canceled in 2016 but in August of that same year they returned to the fray. Since then we do not know anything about this game, but we can entertain ourselves by watching the video of the prototype.

Credits: Allison Road

Tekken x Street Fighter

Tekken x Street Fighter was announced in 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360, and has been a mystery ever since. The producer, Katsuhiro Harada, assured the fans in 2014 and reiterated in 2015 that it had not been canceled. However, in April 2016, Harada revealed that Tekken x Street Fighter “was no longer in active development” and that the Bandai Namco editor was waiting for “the right time” to launch it.

GameSpot requested comments in 2016. At that time, Bandai Namco said that the team was focusing on Tekken 7. Bandai Namco stated that the Tekken team was focused on the Tekken Dek 7. However, that Akuma of Street Fighter is a character in Tekken 7, so the two styles are definitely capable of merging. Since then, Harada confirmed during a live broadcast at the end of the year of 2018 that the game is 30% complete.

Never Released Gaming Titles

Credits: GameitAll

Dead Island 2

We just could not miss the zombie games. Dead Island 2 was announced at E3 2014 and we have heard very little about it since then. At the beginning it was going to be launched in the spring of 2015, and later it was delayed until 2016. Then, the developer disappeared from the map but they confirmed that it had not been canceled. In 2016, the news was announced that Summo Digital had taken charge of its development. Finally, in July 2018 it was reiterated that work was still going on . At least we have the trailer to continue making us anticipate what the game might be.

Credits: Dead Island 2


Similar to a MOBA but with melee attacks, Battlecry was announced in 2014. It was a happy time when Bethesda released its trailer and even opened subscriptions for an open Beta. Unfortunately, in 2015 the editor expressed his concerns about quality and since then we have not heard anything. Not good not bad but simply nothing.

Credits: Bethesda

So here we end the second part of games that someday we saw announced but that nothing was ever heard about them. Do not forget to comment on which one generates the most hype and stay tuned to see the third part  in the future.