2018 is long gone and has been a good when since we saw the relaese of some spectacular titles:  Red Dead Redemption II, Good Of War, Smash Bros Ultimate … It even gave us some interesting oneS with Into The Breach and Tetris Effect. On the other hand, some games that seem to have fallen into oblivion just after they were announced. Or is it that they are just fashionably late? Will you see the light, finally, this 2019? Let’s look at the games that were officially announced by the developers but still don’t have a launch date.

Do you remember these games?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Sony announced it at E3 in 2015, and a year later they showed us a trailer . Until Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the games, had detailed some details about this delivery. In 2017, Square Enix confirmed the internal development of the game. Finally, at E3 of 2018 it was made very clear that, once Kingdom Hearts 3 was over, we could see this release.

EA Star Wars Games

After the closure of Visceral Games last October, this title has remained in the air. We know that the project has not been canceled, but the words of Patrick Soderlund “the project had to be pivoted”. In the E3 of 2018 it was confirmed that the name of this would be Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. In addition, it was also explained that it would be a third person adventure game. It is possible that during this year we know more about this title, but taking into account that Respawn is also working on another project together with Star Wars , so we should not be very optimistic.

Pikmin 4

Back in 2015 it was said that this game was “very close to completion”. In 2016 Miyamoto himself begged patience from the fans, assuring that they were still working on it. Three years later we still do not know anything about him. Nintendo, tell us something, please!

Phantom dust

One year, another year, another year … Phantom dust has a Cyberpunk complex. The restart of an Xbox 2005 game with the same name was announced for the first time at E3 in 2014, but its original developer, Darkside Game Studios, closed in the following month of February. We saw some game images filtered in 2015 and we got confirmation that the game was not dead, but we have not heard anything since then. Could it be that it is really a ghost game?

So far this was all for first part of games of which we know nothing to date. Do you expect any in particular? Do not forget to give your opinion in the comments section and share the news. We will publish the second part shortly. We make a small advance: Dead Island 2 is one of the titles. We can hope that after writing this the developers might take the hints and give us what we want.

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