The World Championships final is the biggest event that the League of Legends players are looking forward to each year. It was held this year in Korea and for the first time since Season 1 didn’t feature a Korean team. This edition was full of surprises, however, the World Champion from the first season was back in the grand final: Fnatic from Europe. As an opponent, the least favored team from China had fought through to the finals: Invictus Gaming. Both teams were worthy finalists for this World Cup, Fnatic lost only two games in the group stage and knockout rounds – IG exhibitted some excellent tactics and a perfect attitude towards their opponents in each round of the competition.

Seven years after winning the very first edition, Fnatic missed the opportunity to put its name on the League of Legends World Championship for the second time this Saturday, losing at Incheon (South Korea) in the final, against the Chinese Invictus Gaming (0-3).

Invictus Gaming

Credits: lolesports Flickr

The opposition left no chance for the European champion, the first Western formation to reach this stage of the competition since their title, in 2011, in a one-sided meeting. On paper, the match seemed much tighter, especially with the little advantage taken by Fnatic in the first round of the competition (two wins to one against IG since the two teams were placed in the same group). However, the runner-up of China was able to count on an excellent Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning performance over the three matches in his duel against the Danish Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen.

In the first two, Fnatic showed shortcomings and hesitations. The players did not display in any stage of the competition, perhaps a little overconfident by the context of the meeting disputed in front of several tens of thousands of people. Invictus Gaming’s two Korean Solo laners, Song “Rookie” Eui-jin (mid) and Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok (top), were keen to prove they were the best players in the tournament.

The Frenchman Paul “sOAZ” Boyer, already an unhappy finalist of the first edition of the Worlds, came into play in the third game but was too late to reverse the dominance of IG. On the other hand, it is the second title – with two different teams – for Lee “Duke” Ho-Seong, even though he did not play this Saturday. This is the first time a Chinese organization is crowned in this competition. Since 2013, South Korean teams have confiscated the trophy.


Credits: lolesports Flickr

Hardly anyone had expected such brutality. The European side of Fnatic was comprehensively beaten in the final of the LoL World Championships by the incredibly strong Chinese team of IG. Fnatic clean swept by the Chinese powerhouse just shows how crazy the competition was this year. What’s more, it’s the first title ever that iG has ever lifted, since they have never even won their own league. Midlaner Eui-jin ‘Rookie’ Song was completely drowned in happiness and barely survived the interview after his victory.

In 2019, Fnatic will have the opportunity to take its revenge at home since Europe will host the Worlds. The final will be held in Paris.