Fortnite is the kind of game which has many bugs. There have been many times when we have seen some popular streamers becoming a victim of these bugs. The same just happened with Tfue and his  duo who surprisingly got eliminated by an invisible player. The thing which has left many fans disturbed is that this happened only a few days before the Fortnite World Cup finals. For those who don’t know, the professional players are going to play in the same version of the game during the final.

Did Fortnite Latest Update Introduce A New Bug?

The latest Fortnite update v9.41 was just released, and it seems like it has added another bug to the game. Recently, Tfue and his duo were casually playing during which something unusual happened. Most of the times, players get eliminated by bullets, rockets, and even some melee weapons. However, this time, we’re dealing with an invisible man.

Tfue Gets Eliminated by an Invisible Enemy

What happened was that Tfue and his duo were building, and their opponents were just right next to them. However, in the clip, one player who was below them suddenly became invisible. And within seconds, that very player managed to get behind Tfue and eliminate him. Not only this, but he even managed to eliminate his duo partner without receiving any damage. The last thing Tfue saw before getting eliminated was a floating gun.

Now, while some players might think that this was a cheater, it was actually a bug. Over the past few months, no player has claimed that they got eliminated by an invisible player. We haven’t even heard about cheating software which makes you invisible. However, if this really is a bug, then this is a really big problem especially for those who are about to compete in the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

Will This Affect the Finals?

Tfue and his duo were playing on the latest version of the game. This very version will be the one featured in the finals. This recently discovered bug has raised some concerns regarding the new bugs and glitches that might have been added to the game through the latest update. At the moment, we currently don’t know why this bug was triggered. Maybe it was linked with the Shadow Bombs that were being used when Tfue was building boxes. In any case, Epic Games will have to do something about this bug quickly because it can become a really big problem during the finals.

The Fortnite World Cup finals will begin in a few hours. Fans all over the world are eagerly waiting to find out who will take the big prize money. Epic Games has also invited some alternate players to the tournaments. If any qualified player fails to make it to the finals, then one alternate player from his region is going to replace him. This has been done to make sure that everything goes according to the plan.