Team Empire is currently doing amazingly well in the ongoing EU division of the R6 Pro League. They have been delivering their best in every match and fans are really enjoying all their matches. However, a recent incident has left all the fans surprised.

Shockwave Leaves Team Empire

Recently, it was revealed that Artyom “Shockwave” Simakov has left Team Empire. Fans were surely left in a shocking state when the team suddenly announced the departure of one of the best players of the team. The thing which is bothering fans a lot is that this has happened only a few days before the final match of R6 Pro League.

Those who have kept an eye on Team Empire’s progress know that they have a 9-2-1 record in the ongoing league, meaning that they are currently leading in terms of points. Not only this, but they have also secured a spot in the final match all thanks to their hard work. Because the team was doing so well with the current roster, things are surely going to be difficult now that one of the main players is out of the scene.

As fans were eagerly waiting to know why their favourite player has left the team, Empire’s manager Alexander “StrangeR” Solomonov decided to update them. According to him, Shockwave left the team because there was a misunderstanding between him and other players, which they were unable to solve.

Team Empire Welcomes New Player

Because the final match day is only a week away, Team Empire had to do something now that one of their players is gone. Without delaying anything, the team has decided to add Danila “Dan” Donstov in the team. The latter has now basically replaced the empty stop of Shockwave in Team Empire and will play with them in the final match.

Although the newly teammate is a skilled player, he still cannot completely replace Shockwave as he was one of the original members of the team. There have been many times when Shockwave alone has handled everything during a match, and has won various matches because of his amazing skills. Although their favourite player has departed from the team, fans are still curious and excited to see how Dan is going to perform.

How Dan Will Perform?

We all know that the ongoing R6 Pro League is a really important tournament for Team Empire, and they just cannot afford to lose after coming this far. Joining a team in the middle of an ongoing tournament is a difficult challenge for Dan. Not only this, but the final matchday is also almost upon us. There is still a week left, so Dan has some days to practice with the team to learn how they play and what techniques they use during the matches. As for now, all we can do is wait until the next match to see if Dan will become a blessing for Team Empire, or a burden.