OpTic Gaming qualified for ESL One Birmingham, but additional challenges could crack the ‘Green Wall’ along with their dreams of reaching The International 2018. What hurdles await the ‘Green Wall’?

OpTic Gaming left no doubt during the ESL One Birmingham NA qualifiers as they swept three games away from VGJ.Storm. After dominating the field at Starladder ImbaTV Invitational Season 5, they’ve maintained their hot streak, riding it to another major.

In total, OpTic Gaming has accrued 450 DPC points. They are not mathematically eliminated from a direct invite to The International 2018, but the road is menacing. Assuming all teams in contention no longer build on their point total, OpTic Gaming will need 1,372 points to make top eight in the DPC rankings. Qualifying for ESL One Birmingham provides them at least one more opportunity to close this gap before the end of the season. Their final chance will be to qualify for the China DOTA 2 Supermajor whose NA qualifiers begin April 23, 2018.

Peter ‘ppd’ Dager has already voiced his opposition towards direct invites issued for the Supermajor by PGL and Perfect World. He clarified his comments to include that the opinion has nothing to do with OpTic gaming not receiving a direct invite after winning Starladder, adding that he was aware of the direct invites being sent prior to the event.

At the completion of the Supermajor qualifiers, OpTic Gaming will have nearly a month-long break from any competitive matches until ESL One Birmingham. A break of this significance can end the hottest of streaks, including the one OpTic Gaming is currently experiencing. Will the squad continue their progression amid such a hiatus?

If OpTic Gaming fall short of the points required to receive a direct invite to The International 2018 and no further roster changes are made, they will most certainly be extended an invite to the closed regional qualifiers. In a dramatic shake-up from the normal, if Evil Geniuses fail to earn a direct invite to The International 2018, NA qualifiers may be the most hyped of any region.

OpTic Gaming will be tested thoroughly during the final stretch of the season. Despite which fork to take in the road, there’s really only one question that matters. Can they qualify for The International 2018?


Source: Gosugamers