Royal Never Give up also known as RNG got wiped off by Invictus Gaming on Tuesday. IG captured the victory in week four of the DPL-CDA Professional League season 2 of it.

Invictus Gaming has an incredible match record of 3-4 and 8-9 game record and also has secured a winning streak in thirty-one and thirty-four minutes to pull up with sixth-place Royal Never Give Up (RNG) for 3-4 match record and 9-10 game record. They have also fixated a 3-4 game record as well as 7-9 in a vigorous match record.

A gaming event is to be held in China which is going to be a DOTA 2 event coupled with ten teams participating in this online gaming event with a hefty amount of grand prize leading up to liquid cash of $185,000. All of the participants of the team will be competing in a conventional and traditional round-robin format where the top eight teams will be proceeding towards the robust match of double-elimination playoffs with each other.

All the matches that will be held are going to be like their traditional matches of best-of-three. Only the last of the matches left for the grand finale for the gaming league is going to be best-of-five which is scheduled for the 26th of July.

In the final week of round-robin action, which is the fourth week of it continues from Wednesday. During this week, Sparking Arrow Gaming, with a match record of 4-2 and a game record of 9-5 meets the Team Aster and Invictus Gaming. Team Aster has a match record of 4-2 and a game record of 8-4.

The match and game record

The DPL-CDA professional league is going to take place on an upcoming Tuesday. In these matches, the game records and match records of the teams are going to be as PSG.LGD has a match and a game record of 6-2 and 12-7. Vici Gaming, on the other hand, has a match record of 5-2 and a game record of 11-6. CDEC Gaming for 5-3 match record and 11-7 game record. Sparrow Arrow Gaming has secured, as mentioned earlier in the article, a match record of 4-2 and a game record for 9-5.

Team Aster too has a wondrous game record of 4-2 and an 8-4 match record. Royal Never Give Up (RNG) has a fastened 3-4 game record and 9-10 match record.

Invictus Gaming on the other hand shows an amazing record of 3-4 game record and 8-9 match record. EHOME radiates a streak of match records of 3-4 and game records of 7-9. Team Sirius has a game record of 2-5 and a game record of 6-12. The IG Vitality, on the other hand, shows a game record of 0-7 and a match record of 2-14 in the matches that they played so far. IG Vitality has been performing on its edge as the team couldn’t manage to win a single game.