A few days ago, Ubisoft revealed the fourteenth expansion pack for Rainbow Six Siege. The new expansion is titled Operation Ember Rise and it will feature some amazing new content. However, while players who own the game will soon get to enjoy some more content, Ubisoft is planning to give new players a chance to try out their game. That’s right, the official Twitter account of Rainbow Six Siege revealed that Rainbow Six Siege will be free for everyone from August 28thtill September 3rd.

Rainbow Six Siege Will Be Free for Seven Days

Ubisoft is calling the free week “Get Good or Die Trying.” The most interesting thing about this event is that for the very first time, Ubisoft is giving new players a whole week to try to Rainbow Six Siege. Since the game was released, there have been many times when the developers have decided to make the game free for some time. However, the most we have ever gotten is a free weekend. But now, new players can play the game for free for seven straight days.

The reason behind why players are getting a larger window to test Rainbow Six Siege might be Operation Ember Rise. Ubisoft might be thinking of increasing the player base of the game before the launch of the upcoming season. At the moment, it is yet to be revealed when Operation Ember Rise will become available in the game. It went live on the test servers a few days ago so that the developers can see whether it is ready for the actual game or not.

What Operation Ember Rise Will Feature

Operation Ember Rise is currently confirmed to feature two new operators. The first one is the attacker Amaru who is from Peru. This operator will be able to reach high ground easily by using a grappling hook. She will be using a G8A1 automatic rifle along with a Supernova shotgun. The second operator is the defend Goyo from Mexico. He will be using a Volcan Shield to protect himself and his teammates from incoming bullets. Not only this, but the latter will be able to create an explosion with his shield by attaching an incendiary device to it.

Kanal Map Rework

In addition to this, the upcoming expansion will introduce the Kanal map rework. Ubisoft has been trying to recreate the original Kanal map that has been present in the game since it was released. Although the map is loved by a lot of players, there were some issues with it that needed to get fixed. And now, players will finally get to see an improved version of the Kanal map.

With that being said, players should try to get the most out of the free Rainbow Six Siege week. Seven days will be enough for anyone to decide whether they should purchase the game or not.