A new update for the Rainbow Six Siege is out and a few new changes are here. The update mainly fixes the issue of connection with PlayStation 4. Both For Honor and Rainbow Six Siege faced the issue of matchmaking and connectivity, recently. Therefore, this quick patch has come out to fix the issues immediately. 

Issue Fixed

After the installation of the new patch, the issue for the connectivity of PlayStation 4 should go away. The online multiplayer should connect to the server as normal as they used to. The new update is very small because it doesn’t fix many issues. It mainly focuses on a single issue that caused trouble to only one platform. The developers say that players should not expect a lot of changes in the new patch as it only focuses on a small issue to fix. The new update doesn’t bring any new operator works. Therefore, the gameplay remains exactly the same. Similarly, no new map changes are here. This means that the game remains totally unchanged even after installing a new update. Here are the few changes, Patch 1.95 brings. 

Rainbow Six Siege Patch 1.95 Notes

Ubisoft did not release any patch notes for the new update. The organization, however, says that the new update came to fix the connectivity issue with PlayStation 4 only. In a post on social media, the organization says that we are well aware of the issue of connectivity for the PlayStation 4 users for Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor. The organization is currently on it and we will come up with an optimal solution very soon. We apologize for any kind of inconvenience this issue has caused and we appreciate your patience towards it. We would like to ask all the fans to keep checking this thread to look forward to any future updates. 

Just in time

As Ubisoft makes the announcement of acknowledging the issue related to connectivity with PlayStation 4, the new update came out in only two hours. As the new update came out, the organization replied to its own previous post that the issue is now resolved. We are thankful for your patience. 

With the new update, a lot of fans expected a grand update to bring a lot of new things to the game. However, Ubisoft clearly says that players should keep calm as gameplay updates will come very soon as well. Some of the new maps and modifications in the current game is the next target of the organization as most of the players now demand it. 

The new update is necessary to install on all the platforms. Even if it only fixes the issue with one platform, Ubisoft makes sure that each and every player installs the update. To stay tuned with the new updates by Ubisoft for Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor, keep in touch and check out the Ubisoft forums for the latest news.