Playing really is something your viewers will enjoy, but other players won’t. Same happened with Felix “xQc” Lengyel has apparently been banned from PUBG. Although the latter has received a temporary ban and it will be lifted after a day, his viewers are still struggling to know the reason behind why it even took place.

How He Was Banned

What basically happened was that xQc was streaming PUBG on his channel like he always does. However, after one of his matches, he received a one-day ban. The in-game message which appeared revealed that the ban took place because of unusual gameplay patterns. However, we all know that xQc isn’t the kind of player who will use illegal methods to get some kills considering the position he is in.

While the in-game message revealed the reason behind the ban, some Reddit users think that this is not the actual case. According to them, the streamer received the ban because some players wrongly reported him out of anger. Those who were watching the stream know that xQc was playing really well and he killed most of the players on the server. In addition to this, he even killed around 20 players by using a boat in 10 seconds.

Some Players Might’ve Reported xQc

While the latter played really well, he still made some of his opponents furious and frustrated and they might’ve reported him. PUBG basically has a system which bans a player who receives a lot of reports. Although this might not be fair at times, it still the game’s way of making sure that everyone is having a fair experience. There have been reports in the pasts where players have claimed that they were wrongly banned from the game. The worst part is that some of them have even received a permanent ban.

PUBG’s Struggle with Cheaters

PUBG is the kind of game that was swarming with cheaters and hackers who ruined the gameplay experience of many players. Although this problem became a really big thing for the game, its developers took care of it in an amazing banner. They used various techniques to find cheaters and ban them from the game. At the moment, there are thousands of players who have been banned because of cheating. Even there are some other battle royale titles such as Apex Legends who are currently struggling with the problem of cheating.

In any case, xQc’s will be soon able to play PUBG again as the 24-hour ban period is about to end. Some viewers were hoping that his ban will be lifted be after a human review but didn’t turn out to be the case. At the moment, we don’t know how this is going to affect the streamer and whether he will continue to eliminate other players in thrilling and unique ways or not.