Battle Royale by PUBG Corp. seriously suffers from cheaters. Developers ban hundreds of accounts per week and regularly set records on the number of blocked users. In January-February 2019, PUBG Corp. reported on 100 thousand banned accounts. Most of which belonged to players from China.

On the eSports scene in PUBG, the situation is no better. At the end of last year, several professional players were suspended for using prohibited programs. This is not about the participants of small tournaments. It also included players from the PUBG Europe League and the Contenders League. In January 2019, ten eSports athletes caught cheating received a ban for a term of two to three years. Two more players knew about illegal programs from the team mate – they were also removed from the competition.

All these incidents give rise to many questions from fans and raise fears for the future of the game. Developers do not want or simply can not control the problem of cheaters? What are the prospects for eSports discipline in general, in which dozens of professional players use cheats?


After the success in 2017, the developers of PUBG have practically stopped advertising and carrying out any promotional campaigns. Previously, Brendan Green traveled around the world, gave dozens of interviews per month. He was also a frequent guest at tournaments and entertainment events. The company also filmed several high-quality cinematic trailers of the game. However the advertising for the “ royal battle ” stopped there and went in vain.

In 2018, the victories at Fortnite showed off the stars of big sport and show business. Epic Games together with Tyler Ninja Blevins organized the broadcast of the game on New Year’s Eve right from Times Square. While DJ Chris Marshmello Comstock held an interactive concert for 10 million people at Fortnite. In 2019, Respawn Entertainment released its “ royal battle ” Apex Legends without any announcements, and it immediately became a hit. The company has contracts with almost all top streamers.

Now at Apex, Mike shroud Grzesik, Guy DrDisRespect Beym , the same Tyler Ninja Blevins hang out for days on end. As a result, 25 million people played at Apex Legends over the week, and the peak online shooter was two million users.

Plus, the whole PUBG is almost the only game of the genre you need to buy. The same Fortnite and Apex Legends users can download for free in the stores of publishers. The cost of PUBG, though small, but in the face of fierce competition, this fact works against the Bluehole company.

Problems with eSports

Last year, PUBG Corp. announced that they will refuse the services of tournament operators. They will independently organizes a series of regional championships in Europe, North America and Asia. Whether the company will cope with this is a big question.

All matches of the main stage of the European League will be held on stage in front of the audience. For participants in the European Championship, this means moving to Germany for almost two months, which for many players will most likely be a serious challenge.