In 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds set a new trend in the gaming industry and opened the way to the royal battle genre. In 2018, PUBG lost the lead to Fortnite, and in 2019, Apex Legends completely dominated the battle royale genre. Now the game is going through hard times, and if nothing changes. Then their is  PUBG can finally fall out of the safe circle and leave the top of the genre. We have comprehensively listed problems that developers must solve in the first place to prevent this from happening.

Bad servers

One of the main problems of PUBG is the server’s tickrate. In the light of which completely unacceptable things happen in the game. For example, an opponent may kill you when you are behind cover. While a shot in the back of an opponent may simply not be counted due to desynchronization. Such situations often affect the outcome of the matches. Moreover, both ordinary players in public and athletes in tournaments react equally badly to them.

The problem with the servers also affects the loading of weapons. Sometimes, after disembarking a hot spot. You have to search for good equipment for a long time, or even play the game with bare hands. Often the weapon is not loaded immediately and may appear in a room that you have already examined and found empty. Recently, another unpleasant bug was added to the problem with invisible weapons, which makes players invisible.

PUBG Corp. seems to be trying to solve these problems.  For now their efforts only makes the game worse. Developers regularly release patches after “patches”. However, after fixing some bugs, new ones immediately appear, in even larger numbers. As a result, key bugs that directly affect the gameplay and  are not corrected for months.

No content

PUBG fans have long reproached Bluehole developers for the lack of content and interesting gameplay updates. Their feelings can be understood: just look at the main competitor PUBG – Fortnite. In the “royal battle” from Epic Games regularly appear new modes, locations and weapons, as well as in-game events and Challenges.

Until recently, PUBG Corp. and Epic Games were the dominant players in the genre. Despite the competition, they got along well with each other. Since their products are too different in style and mechanics, and are designed for different target audiences. With the advent of the third player, this delicate balance of power was broken.

With the release of Apex Legends, the situation threatens to change dramatically. Now a lot of players and streamers from PUBG and Fortnite staged a raid on the new “royal battle”. The shooter from Respawn Entertainment since its release leads the section. Its is gradually taking a portion of the audience from its competitors. Apex has not yet succeeded in surpassing Fortnite by online. However for PUBG any outflow of the audience can become critical. In January 2018, the peak online  exceeded three million players, and over the year it has shrunk more than three times.

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