PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is currently one of the top battle royale titles out there. While the game is really popular on PC and consoles, its mobile version is not behind. In fact, PUBG Mobile is one of the most played games on mobile. However, there are some issues in the game, and one of them is hackers.


PUBG Mobile

Hackers can be found in almost every other multiplayer game. They use different kinds of cheats to have an advantage over others. This is something that ruins the gameplay experience of regular players. Recently, there were some rumors going around claiming that Tencent isn’t doing anything about hackers in PUBG Mobile and that they are indirectly supporting them. But now, Tencent has written an official letter to its players that have cleared the rumors while providing an update on how they are dealing with hackers.

Tencent Clears Some Rumors

The rumors were claiming that Tencent isn’t banning those hackers that spend money and those who use VIP hacks don’t get caught. However, in the letter, Tencent has claimed that the following statements are not true:

  • Hackers who spend money don’t get banned.
  • Players using certain “VIP Hacks” never get caught.
  • Tencent makes money off cheats.
  • Bans are only handed out once a day/week/month.

Ban Takes Place Instantly

According to Tencent, banks are not handed out once a day, week, or month. In fact, a ban takes place as soon as a hacker is detected. They further added that this can happen in the middle of a match, or after a review of it. But in short, it is not a scheduled process and it happens as soon as someone is caught cheating. Tencent has also claimed that they are planning to make some improvements to the server infrastructure. This is something that will allow them to detect hackers more quickly.

Tencent Is Committed to Providing Fair Gameplay

Tencent’s General Manager of Global Publishing Department, Vincent Wang claimed they are 100% committed to providing a fair gameplay experience for everyone. He further added that cheaters ruin all of their hard work, and this is the reason why they are doing everything they can to keep cheaters away from their game. For this very purpose, hundreds of team members are working on it every day.

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The developers also explained how the system detects the cheating software. Basically, the game’s system detects suspected software, one which modifies the files. However, these days, hackers are using new software to find more clever ways to hide. While various methods are used to detect cheating, the most effective one is in-game observation. This is where Tencent will look at footage from a player’s game and ban him if they find any type of cheating.

In any case, it is great to see that Tencent is working so hard to overcome the issue of hackers in PUBG Mobile. It won’t be long before the number of hackers in the game drop to a really low number.