PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is played by millions of people daily, but it seems like the top Twitch streamer is having a difficult time while playing the game. Recently, during one of his streams, Shroud was facing some connection issues because of which his game was lagging a lot. Even after that, some of his matches again faced connection issues, and Shroud was not happy with it at all.

Shroud Faces Connection Issues

Because of various connection issues, some of Shroud’s streams were disturbed and he even went on to say that the game is becoming a waste of his time. He even claimed that he just cannot play PUBG and asked the developers to help him out.

“I can’t play PUBG, man,” said Shroud after getting connection issues. “It really just sucks. Like it really just sucks. Please, PUBG devs, if you’re watching, f**king help me man. I can’t play your game!” However, only a few days after it, the latter was playing Fortnite when he claimed that PUBG is a better running game. His statement left many fans confused as they were unable to tell whether he really enjoys PUBG or not.

Shroud Can’t Decide Which Game Is Better

Fans of Shroud are well aware of the fact that the streamer is stuck between playing three battle royale games, i.e PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. However, the latter seems to get frustrated while playing all three of them. A few days ago, he even claimed that he will soon quit Apex Legends and will start focusing on PUBG more. Because of this, fans are currently confused about what he really wants.

The top streamer is well known for streaming daily gameplay videos on his Twitch channel. Recently, some market watchers came forward with their respective reports which revealed that Shroud is the most watched streamer on Twitch. The latter is also responsible for bringing a lot of players to many games, such as PUBG and Apex Legends.

PUBG Corp Must Help Shroud

As Shroud has always tried his best to promote the games he plays in the best possible ways, PUBG Corp has to help him out with solving his connection issues. If he keeps on facing such issues, then Shroud might even stop playing PUBG, something which the developers will not like at all. In any case, many fans will surely get disappointed if their favourite streamer leaves the game. Who knows, maybe some of them might even leave the game too.

The developers of PUBG, on the other hand, made a quite big amount of money in 2018. It was recently revealed that PUBG Corp made a total of $920 million in the said year, out of which they were left with around $320 million after clearing all the taxes and other dues. PUBG was also banned in some major countries such as Nepal, Iraq, and a few states of India. The governments of the mentioned countries basically think of the game as an addiction, because of which they decided to ban the game.