PUBG is one of the leading multiplayer games released in the last couple of years, but a few loopholes are denting the reputation of the famous multiplayer game. In March 2017, when the game was released it showed real glimpses of going high up the ranking and staying on the top for a longer period of time, but things look to be on the verge of extrication in two years’ time.

Last September, Bluehole announced that they will be terminating the option to change regions and providing access to certain players to some servers which will depend on their ping, PUBG fans looked happy. But after six months after Update 22 came into effect most of the things seems to be in disarray as the game’s multiplayer functions are still malfunctioning.

Cheaters In PUBG

The issues started when the Chinese hackers got into the North American and European Servers and the entire player base there complained about it but the developers Bluehole did almost nothing to cater the complaints. While the lag caused by the long distance connections making the average match much intolerable to play. And incursion of such players in a large number smeared the game’s playability.

Fans Demand & Bluehole

PUBG broke many records after its launch and players came in from every gaming genres giving Valve’s Dota 2 a huge jolt. But Bluehole remained happy with the then their run of success and introduced the updates rather intermittently, in addition to that they refused to cater player condemnations. The popularity in Chinese gaming arena earned them loads of money which was the main reason the Battle Royale game developers did almost nothing to damage the profitable region that came into being at the cost of Western Region.

So, when the number of players leaving the platform increased considerably, Bluehole activated their ownership rights and removed the ability of individuals to search the games by region. Though a little late, it was welcomed by the players. But the new update was of a little help, as the cheaters troubling the Western servers easily accessed those using VPNs to switch regions artificially. Things, however, are a little better than before but aimbotting, unkillable cheaters with over 100 ping are still very common.

Due to the uncertainty or rather unwillingness of PUBG developers to region/ country lock the game artificially because countries like China give them a huge boost economically. And the isolation of Chinese players would frustrate the players more. This reluctance of Bluehole has made the players to shift to other Battle Royale games, most notable among them is the EA’s and Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends.

Will PUBG Get Their Player Base Back?

Bluehole has not done much to bring its large player base back which was lost due to a major stability issues. On the other hand, games like Fortnite and Apex Legends are providing a much better experience which are more player friendly.

Above all, the downward trend in the number of players is due to the age factor too. Unlike CounterStrike or Dota, games which are still ruling the steam charts, recent PUBG update has done almost nothing to bring the players back.