PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds is currently one of the most popular battle royale titles out there. The game is played by millions of players every day and that number just keeps on increasing. To keep fans attached to the game, its developers have been adding new content to it from time to time. And now, they have released a new update on the game’s test servers that has added some amazing new features and content.

New Military Vehicle Added

To start with, the update has introduced a new military vehicle that can help you with creating havoc in the game. The new vehicle is called the BRDM-2 and you will need to call a special care package by using the Flare Gun if you want to get it. The BRDM-2 has also replaced the armored UAZ, the car which was delivered in the special care package before. However, the new vehicle is much more powerful than the UAZ as its health point is around 2500.

The BRDM-2 can also drive in the water, meaning that it will be much suitable for areas with large bodies of water. It can drive at 22 km/h in water and can go up to 102 km/h on the road. Although players won’t be able to shoot while they are in this vehicle, they still don’t have to worry about their enemies as they won’t be able to damage the BRDM-2.

Gas Can Will Now Explode

In addition to this, the developers have also decided to make the Gas Can even more useful. Previously, the only use of the Gas Can was to fuel up vehicles, the reason why it was one of the least picked up items in the game. However, now you can place the Gas Can on the ground and shoot it to make it explode. The explosion will also deal damage to any player who will be in its radius. This means that you can now use it to create unique and interesting traps.

Ledge Grab Movement Introduced

Another interesting feature that has been added to the game is the Ledge Grab Movement. As its name suggests, this new feature will allow players to climb the edge of roofs, fences, and other obstacles. This will make jumping between objects much easier and faster. The developers have also confirmed that they are going to introduce other movement feature such as sliding down railings and hanging on railings in the future updates.

Other Changes and Improvements

The update has also fixed various bugs that were present in some sections of the game. You will also see some improvements and changes to skins, weapons, and UI. In addition to this, the developers have also added graffiti of current PUBG competitive esports events. In any case, your gameplay experience is surely going to change thanks to this update.